Friday, September 27, 2013

Peat and Repeat

I know...I know. You don't even have to say it. I know you are thinking it. 

Shanna posted another style wearing brown, cream and black. I told you guys on Wednesday that I am okay with it. I am actually more than okay with it. It's what my taste buds are craving at this very moment. We all go through phases in our closets, shopping habits and personal style.  Lord knows I have had some definite phases, ones I would like to erase from my mind and this blog.

Right now, I am 100% stuck on simple pieces, neutral colors, basic looks, leather anything, lace details, gold accessories and leopard accents. They are all timeless, can be worn numerous ways and remind me of fall weather. Maybe that's the reasoning, I am subconsciously trying to channel sixty degree weather. Who knows? It could happen.

 photo f44385fb-97c0-405d-9b69-6fc94a94a49f_zps662544d0.jpg
 photo c67f3314-d2bc-4fe9-bd67-fc3bb34525e7_zpsbfe18193.jpg
 photo ef884b0f-21e7-4e52-a562-757a01926a7f_zps73dfd8bc.jpg  photo f8724fcb-9ba0-4e24-89f7-398bd3a882ce_zps8b074702.jpg  photo 8cc69c83-9521-4e93-bcd3-223160595a54_zps3b105b5f.jpg  photo 4796ce9c-be0b-4908-b73d-14848e463902_zps6dce0926.jpg
Top: Express // Skirt: Francesca's (splurge) // Shoes: Express (similar here and here) // Clutch: NY & Co. (similar here and here) // Necklace: Mint Sugar Boutique (similar here) // Cuff: Express (similar here) // Glasses: Forever 21 

For all you gals looking for more color, stick with me, I am sure I will get on a color-filled kick sooner or later. Most likely later than sooner.

Anyone else out there with me? Do you have certain looks, colors and styles on indefinite repeat?
I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Kayla said...

I really like the colours in this outfit! Loving the tassel necklace btw, its so unique :)

Style Vancity

Unknown said...

This is such a pretty fall outfit. I think for me my repeat for work is pencil skirt + blazer. I am really into cobalt blue and there's a lot of temptations out there right now.


jenn~the stylish housewife said...

LOVE love LOVE it! I am on a MAJOR leather kick right now. Just bought a dress in the same color as your top. Oh, and shorts. Now I totally think I need this top too!!! Have a great weekend lady!

XOXO, Jenn
The Stylish Housewife

Jeans and a Teacup said...

You have been killing it with your outfits lately! I love this top and that necklace is going on my wish list!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Your fall outfits have been lovely. Those sandals are amazing!

Unknown said...

I love the tassle necklace, these colors look great on you. This one is cute very girly and the leather top keeps it edgy :)
Ms Dee Kay

Charming Lucy said...

I have loved your outfits lately!! I have been searching for a leopard clutch and I like the Dorothy Perkins one! Thanks! Happy weekend! Susan

Unknown said...

I love this outfit!!

Ashleigh said...

I love that necklace! It's stunning.

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

This is a great look on you! Love that leather top!

Heidi said...

Please, if I wear one more all black outfit I think my hubs is going to have me committed! You're fine! And you look amazing. Double win!!!

Kimberly said...

I think this might be my favorite outfit of yours ever! This tan faux leather looks SO amazing on you and the shape of that skirt is too it from head to toe!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I think everyone has things on repeat.

This outfit is really rich and gorgeous looking.

rebeccalately said...

You look amazing, Shanna!! I LOVE those shoes :)

Always Maylee said...

You look beautiful and chic! LOVE that top and that necklace. And the bag. And the shoes. Ok, I love this entire outfit!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Liz said...

This outfit is absolutely PERFECT!! Love the cognac-hued leather and the delicate detailing on the skirt!

xo, Liz
{What Dress Code?}

Ladies in Navy said...

gorgeous! repeat or no!
kw ladies in navy

Cantrelle said...

Oh, the shoes! They are kickin' it all over the place. I just wanted to say that you basically rock at whatever you wear - colors, neutrals, patterns, solids, etc. I think it's more important that you're happy (and possibly inspired) by your choices. We just happen to be lucky enough to be inspired via your lovely blog. And I am gonna go out on a limb and say many, many of your readers would stick with you regardless of what you choose to blog about, cuz you're just a Real. Cool. Chick. :D Hope you have a great weekend with the fam!

Chelsea Oliver said...

Are you kidding? You could wear literally the same shirt all week and still find ways to make it look fresh and new. So the same colors is nothing! I love this look - hope you have a great weekend!


Dhruvi said...

You look flawless! I mean, why change something that's working perfectly fine? LOVE this outfit! Btw, be sure to enter my 2nd bloggerversary giveaway - a Phillip Lim for Target tote, and a gorgeous CC Skye necklace!

Stilettos & Sequins

Unknown said...

I LOVE this look!! So classic yet edgy... Is it creepy I wish I lived in Texas so I could borrow from your closet?! Lol

And I'm sticking to black right now since I'm preggo... it hides the fat feeling ;)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I LOVE these colors lately, and they look amazing on you, so why not! This is another winning outfit, girl! I love the cream skirt and leather top combo!

TheTinyHeart said...

I love the mix of textures in this outfit! Neutrals are always in style! I think it's funny that you want cooler weather. I wish it would warm back up!

The Tiny Heart
Sept. Group Giveaway!

TheTinyHeart said...

I love the mix of textures in this outfit! Neutrals are always in style! I think it's funny that you want cooler weather. I wish it would warm back up!

The Tiny Heart
Sept. Group Giveaway!

Ashley said...

You look gorgeous Shanna! Loving the cognac top and wedges, this is one of my favorites outfits!!


Unknown said...

Stunning girl! Love this look :)

Karly Kim said...

Glamorous babe!!

Nikki said...

Love the brown, white and black together! You look fabulous. I want a leather top, and this one is perfection! Have a wonderful weekend!


Lindsay Erin said...

You look beautiful. This is a great transition from summer to fall, too.

Unknown said...

In love with this entire look.

gabrielle said...

you can never go wrong with neutrals! i love that necklace -- it adds such a unique touch.


I am A Love Addict said...

That top is amazing

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I am A Love Addict

Unknown said...

Beautiful outfit! I love the leather shirt and shoes, perfect for fall.


Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

You've been really wearing some of my favorites lately! Need that top!! You look great even if you are wearing neutrals. ; )

Carly said...

That top is AMAZING!!!


Nina Piccini said...

I hope you don't think you're boring us - because I'm absolutely LOVING the neutral toned outfits!
and my dad used to tell us that joke all the time as kids. too funny!

xo, Nina

Rebecca said...

You are looking sooooooo adorable in this outfit Shanna. Yes its in neutrals but you made it look so fun & flirty!!


Shira said...

Keep doing it because you look amazing and so chic!:)

fleurani said...

Shanna, leather is such a huge trend for fall, this cognac leather top is such a beautful Piece and I totally Need sth like that in my closet.


PS: If you would love to join our link up them to "Macaroon shades" tomorrow, you are more then welcome :-)

Nicole Cushing said...

I LOVE this look! Everything about it. The end. :)


Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I am also craving neutrals this Fall, so thanks for giving me my fix pretty lady! I know I say this once a week, but seriously, my favorite outfit to date!


Anonymous said...

This outfit is super cute! I've been seeing leather everywhere for weeks. My main question though, is it hot wearing that type of shirt all day?

The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

This top may find its way into my closet today. Fabulous!