Monday, January 12, 2015

Narcissistic Nonsense

The content of this post has nothing to do with my photos or outfit...well, come to think of it, maybe it has everything to do with them.

Let me back track. Over the holidays I was having a conversation about narcissism. Someone in said conversation mentioned that people (women in general) that post continuous pictures of themselves on social media (insert selfies, wearing a swimsuit on vacation, working out, outfit pics, etc) are full of themselves and narcissistic. My reply was, "Well, I guess you think I am narcissistic because of my blog."

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The funny thing is, if you read the definition that Wikipedia has assigned, narcissism is considered a DISORDER and is more prevalent in men. What? Huh? Disorder? Men? No! Yes, and Wikipedia doesn't lie. Maybe it stretches the truth and needs some serious updating. 

Anyway, my point is that this conversation really struck a chord. I mean, I come here several times a week and strictly post pictures of myself that my husband has taken of me. I plan outfits, locations, shoot times, post content and edit dozens of photos of myself. I share God knows how many photographs of myself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I am TOTALLY vain & full of myself, right? It's quite embarrassing if I stop and think about it.

Or is it really?

Believe it or not...I am NOT narcissistic. In fact, I am quite the polar opposite. While on vacation over the holidays, Ross and I slipped away a few times to shoot blog pics. Our friends that vacationed with us are aware of what I do. Before we left for the last shoot, my friend said, "Have fun!". I replied, "Taking pictures is the least amount of fun I have with blogging. In fact, it's the part I dread most." He looked at me like I was crazy. You are a style blogger and you don't like having your photo taken? No, I don't. I still feel awkward even after three years.

I am a self conscious human being. I am critical of my appearance. You name it and I will find something wrong with the way I look. 

But, you know what? I am, as cliche as it sounds, wonderfully and beautifully made by the man upstairs. In His eyes, I AM a perfect work of art. We all are...every single one of us.

The thing is, I believe our society has put a "You think your sh@! doesn't stink" label on people that believe in themselves, are going after their dreams, finding the courage to post certain things that others are too scared to say, sharing professional accolades, taking a selfie of a new haircut, having the desire to shout to the world about feeling confident in a bikini after months of hard work in the gym and the list goes on.

What I am trying to say is that we all need to stop being afraid of what others think of us and that it is okay to share your highs, what you love, what you're good at, what amazing thing you did, the awesome outfit your put together, delicious meal you prepared, new business you want to promote or the way you KILLED it in the weight room. Share it!

With all the crap that's going on in this world, don't you think it's better to focus on the highs than the lows? Wouldn't you rather have your back patted than you rear kicked to the curb? 

If I left this world tomorrow and the only thing that someone remembered about me was that I helped them put together a fun be it. At least they remembered me on a positive note.

Be that...positive and not scared to open up. You are NOT narcissistic. You are sharing what the Good Lord blessed you with. I promise, people will remember it, whether you believe it or not. With every social media or blog post, you ARE inspiring another human being. 

Here is another way I wore this tartan blanket scarf.

...and a few ways I have style my Clare V clutch here and here.


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