Monday, January 26, 2015

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Black, tan and leopard outfit idea

A couple of weekends ago, I came across a blog post that a friend shared on Facebook. It was titled, "Are You Lonely, Mama?". I was intrigued and proceeded to click on the link. After all, I had been feeling a tad bit lonely lately, so I was curious to see what this mama had to say about it. 

Wow! She pretty summed up some up the emotions and thoughts I was having as a SAHM mom that doesn't get a lot of face-to-face time with women/friends my age with the same interests and hobbies. I found myself nodding my head and repeating, "Yes. Yep. Uh-huh. Me too!" out loud. This lonely mama wrote and said it better than I ever could.

Don't get me wrong, I do have friends, great friends, ones that have seen me through thick and thin. We just live in different parts of Texas, have families, jobs and obligations. Trying to find the time to get together is tough, but we do it...or at least try once a month.

So, I took Kristen's advice and reached out to a woman I met through school. Her son and my daughter were in the same class last year. We have casually hung out a few times in a group setting and for some reason I felt a connection with her since we were introduced.

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I really wanted to go to Le Garage sale this past weekend (if you live in Austin, get on their email list for the next one because it's AWESOME), but I didn't want fly solo. So, Friday I texted her on whim to see if she wanted to join me. And guess what? She did! I know this may sound silly, but it took a lot for me to reach out to woman that I haven't spent one-on-one time with, but wanted to. Guess what else? We had the BEST time...laughed, shopped and conversation was far from a struggle. I bought the fringe bag in today's post while we were out + too many other things for killer prices! Ha!

Okay, one more "guess what" moment...she felt the same way I did. She had been hoping to connect with me as well, but was a little unsure on how to go about it. Go figure!!
I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes you just have to go for it and ask a girlfriend out on a date. We all get lonely and need genuine girl time with women we can relate to and who can relate to us. Take the initiative, muster up the bravery and seek out new friendships. You never know, a strong relationship might be formed and a new friendship could that's been under your nose for quite some time.

Please don't go through life feeling lonely. Yes, a husband, partner, kids and family are the GREATEST, but forming friendships with other females is sweet release...even better when retail therapy, chips and queso and possibly a Mexican martini are involved.

So, who are you gonna call/text this week and set up a much needed girls day/night out?

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