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can I wear a black floppy hat in the winter

I am a week late to the New Year's resolution game. I typically don't make, write or share my resolutions, but this year I set a few simple goals that I want to focus on. Last year seems like a blur. I was in constant "last minute" mode, rushing around, tail spin living and surrounded by chaos. Anxiety, stress and a slight depression got the best of me. I decided to use this post as a personal reminder of things I want to focus on to hopefully keep my heart, mind and soul in check for 2015.

colored coated skinny denim
forever 21 leather shearling jacket
faux leather shearling coat for the winter
Outfit idea for shearling
outfit idea for the fall and winter
maroon, burgundy, oxblood, marsala, wine outfit idea
what is shearling
Forever 21 Shearling Jacket (sizes limited: love this one too) // Black Turtleneck (option here and here) // Old Navy Coated Denim (option here and here) // Charlotte Russe Booties (option here and here) // Urban Expressions Bag via Nordstrom Rack (similar here and here) // Black Hat (option here and here ) // Necklace (old: option here) // Gojana Ring c/o 


In no particular order:

1. Wear what I have in my closet. I have said it before and I will say it again. I don't need ANYTHING new. I can't quit my shopping habit, but I will cut back and restyle more items I already own. I fully believe in moderation. I plan to concentrate on basic/staple items and only add a few stand out pieces this year. I began to focus on this a few months back and am proud to say that I have only shopped with Christmas money & gift cards. Everything you see in today's post is something I have owned for a few months...if not a few years. I've had this shearling jacket for months and am just now getting around to wearing in point why I am pulling the reigns on spending money on clothes.

2. Declutter & Organize. I have already made major strides on the homefront. After we got back from Tahoe, we took it room by room and let go of items we never use. Seven BIG trash bags later, we are all feeling refreshed and organized. Next up, The Container Store for our closets...the Elfa Sale is going on now, so this is #1 priority in my life. Has anyone had them design/install a closet? If so, let me know if you have any tips or what your experience was. 

3. Workout & Sleep. I was doing awesome by hitting the punching bags and kicking it up a notch at 9 Round Fitness before the holidays. I slipped when we went on vacation, but plan to get back into a routine. I want to loose a few lbs., but also feel soooooo much better when I sweat it out. It's a struggle to drag myself there three days a week, but something that I have to push through and conquer mentally. Sleep, well that's a given. I don't get enough of it and feel like hell every single morning. Night owl syndrome is for the birds...pun intended. 

4. Moderate Social Media. As much as I want to grow my social media accounts for blog business purposes, I have to put my phone down. It's not that I don't love seeing your cute outfits, kids, vacations, pets, what your eating for dinner or what you're up to, it's just a time suck. I cut waaaaay back on Facebook and plan to spend less time on Instagram and Pinterest too. There have been numerous times when I look up at the clock and realize I killed an hour of my day. 

5. STOP PROCRASTINATING. Get stuff done and do it without being under pressure. This includes, but not limited to packing for trips, projects, Christmas shopping, party planning, cleaning, emails, you name it....just stop the madness.

6. Blogging Realization. This isn't so much of a resolution...more of long term reflection about the future of my site. I have been blessed with travel opportunities, life long friends, additional income, the ability to work for myself and building something from scratch. The thing is, my blog and social media outlets didn't substantially grow in 2014...they stayed on an even path. This was partially my fault due to cutting back on my weekly posts and honestly, not interacting as much as I have in the past. 

The other half I blame on a multitude of things; my age, looks, disposal income, photography and the amount of time other bloggers are dedicating to their sites. It blows my mind that so many have been able to quit their full time jobs and make a substantially higher income from their blogs. Kudos to them! The competition is wild. I hate using the word competition, but it is what is. Thousands of us are trying to make it, receive exposure, connect with brands for collaborations and sponsored posts, gain followers/readership, etc. There are soooooo many outstanding and beautiful bloggers out there that are younger and have the creative focus and time to turn their blogs into something brilliant and outside the norm. 

At the end of the day, I want to offer you guys something more than outfits and endless rambles about my life. I plan to ponder and chew on things over the next six months or so and see where things go. Right now, my creative juices aren't flowing. It also seems that blogging has taken a different turn since I started and I haven't been able to keep up....maybe it's because I haven't taken the time to. Who knows. What I do know is that I want my site to be enjoyable for both me and you. I hope and strive for more people to come and be inspired. I am just not sure how to do that at this point and that doesn't sit well with me or my personality. 

7. Focus on Strengths Instead of Weaknesses. This one has everything to do with #6. Actually, maybe this is the key to everything stated above. My goal this year is to self reflect and stop letting certain circumstances deteriorate my core. I plan to stop undervaluing who I am as a person (both good and bad) and overvaluing someone I will never be. If I take a second to focus on how far I have come rather than how far I have left to go, my life would simply tenfold.
I am so very grateful to everyone who stops by regularly to read, comment and check in. I never want to come across as greedy or self absorbed. As bloggers, we all spend countless amounts of hours and time on our sites and I think it's safe to say we all want to grow and produce content that keeps people wanting more. So, to those that keep coming back, thank you. I am curious to see where this year takes both blog world and real world.

As always, thank you for carving out a piece of your day to stop by. Your reading and commenting is the sole reason I keep showing up. You are my drive and I am humbled by your fuel.

Here are other ways I style my coated denim and ankle boots.

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I love these! Especially number 7! This is something I'm focusing on :)