Friday, January 20, 2012

Sail Away with Me - Nautical Now

I am adding a #11 to what originally was my "Top 10" Trends for Spring 2012.  The lucky number eleven is....Nautical Now.  Spring fashions are hitting the stores and this one is sprinkled nicely all over the place.  I am ready to "set sail" with this trend....literally, to some place tropical.

The funny thing is, the outfit I wore yesterday had a smidgen of nautical to it and it didn't even dawn on me until I decided I was going to post about this trend...guess it was meant to me.

Once you look at my outfit, you will probably say to yourself, "I don't see any anchors, stripes or captain hats." 

"Mayday, Mayday" - You don't have to have a big anchor slapped across you chest to rock this trend. 

Here is what I wore:

Top- Old Navy
Pants - Old Navy (similar)
Shoes - Forever 21 (similar)
Necklaces - Forever 21 (similar) (similar)
Bracelet - gifted
Belt - from another dress (similar)

Are you ready to set sail?  Because Shanna Said So thinks you should look for:

Overboard for Nauticals

Okay, I really want to hop on a Carnival Cruise ship now! Anybody with me? Happy Friday!

Shanna Schneider


Sabrina said...

The top is so cute!
xoxo Sabrina

The Sister Studio said...

Hi there, my blogger friend from Austin! :) I love this outfit. The blue + red is so pretty! Happy Friday!

Head to Toe Chic said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! My necklace is from I think you will really like their website! I love your top in these pictures!! I also love the nautical trend :)


Erin said...

Shanna!!! I have to RUN and get those shoes!!! Too bad it is still too cold here to wear the clothes being sold right now...In fact I just bought a new sweater last night!!!

Dina said...

Hey :D I read your blog and I thing your blog is cool =D I`m from germany and I`m 15 years old :D So I can`t speak and write English very well, but I love it to read English blogs and so I find your blog and I`m love thats blog :D
Okay, you can look at my blog :D ( =))

Unknown said...

What a lovely top!

The Key To Chic said...

I have that bird print top in the other colorway, it's so adorable! Love the touches of red in your outfit, too!

lovemins said...

LOVE the pants! super chic :) xoxo, saskia

Style-Delights said...

Love the nautical look - so elegant and timeless! Love the way you have added the bright red via accessories! Gorgeous outfit! BTW, ask any NYer - they will take 70 degrees over messy snow any day!! LOL!

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Love your blog!! Your style is amazing!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for following. I am now following you too!!

Megan said...

Looove this bird print blouse. Seriously, Old Navy is awesome lately.

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Because Shanna Said So said...

Old Navy has definitely stepped it up. I never usually buy stuff from there, but has lately been my go to...maybe we should give them a "steppin' it up" award! ;)

Because Shanna Said So said...

Thank you! Cheers to supporting one another!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Thanks! I would love to see what you did with the print! It's so versatile. Loving Old Navy lately! Cheers!