Friday, January 13, 2012

Sneak Peek - Style Shoot for an Austin,TX Singer/Songwriter

I am on cloud nine!  Just finished up a wardrobe style for a photo shoot!  Can I do this everyday?  It was so much fun and the time flew by.  The shoot was in Austin, Texas, "Live Music Capital of the World", featuring singer/songwriter Melissa Engleman.  She is A-MAZING and has some incredible opportunities coming her way.  Go Melissa!  You have to check out her song, "Shade of Shame".  Love it!


The photo shoot took place at an old, dear friend of mine's studio, Jared Tennant .  Check out his website for more,  He is brilliant behind the lens and I can't wait to see the final shots.  Leslie Sisson was a huge help with make-up and lighting.  She is a talented Austin musician and singer as well,  I will post the final pictures as soon as they are complete.

Here is a sneak peak of the night!

Last shot of the night!  Cheers!

Need to give props to the following brands, retailers and service providers - Forever 21 (jewelry), Langford Market (yellow dress), Jessica Simpson (hat), J.Crew (scarf), Leslie Sisson (make-up), Kohl's (Red dress), Hobby Lobby (hair accessories), Old Navy (tights), Etcetera, Etc in Austin, TX (boots), L7 Salon in Austin, TX (hair) and JT Pics .

P.S. - You can have a totally fabulous photo shoot on a budget and look like a million bucks!


Style-Delights said...

wow..glam all the way! I love the way you have styled the scarf!!! Gorgeous pic!

Jared said...

Great job Shanna. You did amazing work!!

Ana said...

That looks like it was so much fun!

Carey said...

Love you Melissa.... Woohhooo

Manu Luize said...

Very nice.
Isn't it so cool to do styling projects? I love it too, just made one yesterday for an online magazine, the theme was Brazilian Carnival, so cool.

Have a great weekend,
Manu Luize.

Anonymous said...

Proud of you Melissa! Your auntie bk