Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Apply Flawless Foundation in 6 Minutes

Okay, I am totally taking one for the team on this post.  I am still wondering why in the heck I am showing the "World Wide Web" how horrible I look without makeup, but I reminded myself that this is why I am doing this help other ladies...whether it's fashion focused or beauty related.  You take the good, you take the bad...none of us are perfect.  I am definitely a million miles away from having perfect skin.  But, I DO know how to cover unwanted scars, pimples and uneven skin tone.  So, I did this video to show you my daily regimen of applying foundation that helps cover my unwanted, ever so dreadful zits and scars.  FYI - This was my very first YouTube video, so much love is appreciated!

My best makeup friends are the Beauty Blender, DermaBlend, Bare Minerals and Makeup Forever.

I hope that after you watch this, you will still want to be my friend and think that I am still sort of cool.  :)  But, most importantly, I hope that you can grab a few tips and tricks to help you with your makeup application.  Okay, here we go {sign of the cross} on the video below. 


So, do you still want to be my friend?  I warned you, I look rather rough without my makeup.  But, I am confident in my own skin and that is what matters most. I am just thankful that I have some amazing products that make me feel oh so much better about myself!

Again, here are the products that I use EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Go out out there and get them...Because Shanna Said So!

Beauty Blender $26.00 -
Dermablend Cover Creme $34.00 -
Bare Minerals Foundation $26.00-
Makeup Forever HD Powder $30.00-

What is your favorite foundation?  I would love to hear!  Also, please share this video or post with any lady you know that might find this helpful!

Cheers to conquering "Zelda the Zit"!  

Shanna Schneider


Sabrina said...

I love your video,you seem like such a nice girl!
xoxo Sabrina

Style-Delights said...

Thanks a lot for this video!! Sabrina mentioned it to me and I am so happy that she did!! It will be so useful for me as I have acne scars!!

BrightWhiteNoises said...

Thank you for this great video :) !

Anonymous said...

Great video ;)

Anonymous said...

How did I miss the post about that cool sponge?? I'm so off to buy one! Great video :) said...

Thanks for following my blog! We do have a lot in common, including this was my blog layout before the one I have now. Love it!

Anonymous said...

great video! thank you for doing this!

Unknown said...

following your blog
now follow my blog

Anonymous said...

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