Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tarzan The Monkey Man - Luxe Safari, Baby!

Yep, guess what?  Leopard prints aren't going anywhere!  For those who know me well, I have been rockin' this print since the 90's!  I might even be able to dig up that old outfit from college that, to this very day,  still get "razzed" know who you are!  I remember the first safari print I purchased was from Cato back in 1994...does anyone remember that store?  Am I dating myself?  Well, I am choosing to call this Spring 2012 trend "Luxe Safari".  It sounds so much more sophisticated.  

For those of you who are a little timid by the word "Safari Print"; let me ease your mind.  You don't have to rock a head-to-toe leopard get-up to be in style this Spring.  A little pop will be good to go!

Think animal print fabric, snake skin pumps, stacks of gold bracelets, and a some aviators and you will be well on your way as a globe trotting explorer!  Like always....K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Sister!

Some colors to keep in mind when putting this look together are earth tones - green, orange, mild purple, gold, copper, tan and of course black. 

Other hints of safari to consider in your wardrobe are leopard shoes (they are everywhere), a scarf, a thin belt, bangle bracelets or even a clutch.

I put together the outfit below.  I wanted one piece to pop (insert orange pants) and keep everything else neutral while highlighting the Tarzan and Jane in me. 

Luxe Safari

Luxe Safari by because-shanna-said-so featuring a double breasted jacket

 I have included some pieces from my closet to show you how you can be "Queen of Your Own Jungle".  Please excuse my hobby is fashion...not taking pictures.  Cheers!

Orange & Black - Great with black leggings and riding boots 
 Bangles with safari intertwined & some orange & turquoise

Not all safari has to be brown & black!

Snake skin dress from Old Navy

My bargain find - Payless - love these wedges

Fun little cropped cardigan - wonderful work wear!

Infinity Scarf - Express - goes with anything!


Lilianajcardoso said...

I love the camel bag, the leopard sweater and the leopard shoes!


Lily from

Because Shanna Said So said...

Lily, it looks like we have the same tastes! Love it all! :) Thanks for stopping by!

and so it goes.... said...

I'm wearing animal prints right now! Kind of obsessed!
Adorable blog!


Unknown said...

great post, I love the top and the bag!!! cam to visit my blog and if you like we can follow each other? (also on facebook !) have a wonderful day… keep in touch…

Because Shanna Said So said...

@and so it goes, so happy you like my blog. I seem to have always been obsessed with animal prints...even when they weren't cool! ;)

@keep in touch with fashion - I started following your are stunning!