Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Think We've "Nailed" It

I must say that I am a little sad {tear}that our Top 10 Spring 2012 Trends are coming to a close.  I hope that I "put a finger" on the trends.   I think we "nailed" it by saving the BEST for last...Spring Trend 2012 #10, in case you didn't get by the previous puns, is................Colorful Nail Polish!!!!!

This season is all about colorful, Easter egg, wow that's bright, what color is that, nail polish.  Don't worry about it matching your everyday wardrobe, remember..."matchy-matchy" is NOT cool. So, have fun with all the fabulous colors that the brands -OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Nicole by OPI and Butter London - have out.

Here are a  few of my Spring nail polish faves...I have come to LOVE Essie, actually more so than OPI.  It goes on so much smoother and more even.  I have just discovered Butter Nail Poilsh and it's fab too.  China Glaze is another top polish that gets great reviews.  Check them personal fave is Cocktail Bling by Essie and Mint Candy Apple also by Essie. 

Colorful Nails Spring 2012

After you decide on your nail color, finish your nails with the following...

Nail Poilshing Essentials

Let me give you one of the best tips that Because Shanna Said So will ever give....GET THE RAPID NAIL DRY SPRAY by OPI!!! This stuff is like magic. Spray it on and your nails are literally dry in 45 seconds. I take it with me when I get a mani.  The nail ladies look at me like I am crazy when I pull it out of my purse.  You can pick it up at Ulta and there are two size is $10.00...larger size is $20.00.  You won't be sorry.

Top Coats - I am LOVING the new Matte top coat by OPI. The Essie Pure Pearlfection Multi Dimension Top Coat is so fun too!  I got mine at a H.E.B. grocery store.  I think it was a limited addition, but always check ebay or Google it.  It has a slight glitter/sparkle and it is a top coat. It adds a little "oomph" to your nail polish....not over-bearing at all.

I will leave you with this fun and free iPhone app. It's from Nicole by OPI.  You can see what a nail polish color will look like on your nails. If you have little girls, they can play on this for hours...don't be embarrassed if you play too...I did...for 45 minutes!!  

If you have a favorite polish, I would love to hear about it.  Just leave me a comment.  I am always excited to try out a new nail polish color.  Cheers!

Shanna Schneider


The Hernandez Fam said...

S- I would love for you to look at The Muppet collection from Opi- Two of my favs are Desginer....De Better and Meep Meep Meep

Sabrina said...

Great colours,love them all.
xoxo Sabrina

Esmée said...

love this post!

Anonymous said...

I have been getting into brighter nail polish colors lately.. I guess that means I'm on trend! ;)

xo jennifer

Anonymous said...

I hear lots of good reviews of Zoya nail polish. Have you tried it?

I never polish my nails but I have been trying to do that more since reading your blog :) You have inspired me.

The Sister Studio said...

YESSS! I love ALL of these. Great post. I see a few that I need to buy asap! :)

Unknown said...

I can't get enough of having my nails pop with colors. It has surely taken on a life of its own.

Alynne Leigh said...

I love Essie polishes!


Head to Toe Chic said...

I love all the Essie colors! Great tip with the rapid nail dry!