Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Over & Out

Striped blue chambray dress

I thought it would be fun and out of the norm to actually post some current "over and out" feelings I have been having as of late. Sometimes I get caught up in "outfits" and forget to share pieces of my brain and life on the blog. So, if you are here for fashion inspiration, awesome, feel free to scroll through and skip the content. Otherwise, here goes a laundry list of items I am soooo over and a few that I can't get enough of. Bringing the random back...

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So Over:

1. Social Media. I just can't keep up. I am still not on Snapchat and doubt I ever will be. I can't bring myself to add one more thing to my social plate. I hear it's a party though! Ha! And Instagram? I am tired of thinking about filters, lighting and captions. What happened to the good ol' days?

2. Network Television. Is there anything on TV these days that we can watch as a family? Like something that my entire family wants to actually sit on the couch and watch together? Something that is appropriate and doesn't revolve people eating one another, violence, adult content or kids hearing "Whispers"? Geeeeez, what happened to TGIF? Better yet...bring back Gilmore Girls!

3. The Rain. Tropical storm. Flooding. Disastrous backyard. The lakes need it, but most of us Texans are D.O.N.E.

4. Not Working Out. I am ashamed and embarrassed. No excuses was my motto, but I guess I forgot that along with so many other things the past few months. Well, I drug my sagging and out of shape booty to the gym on Monday. I wanted to die and can hardly sit on the toilet, but I did it and plan to do it again today...and three days a week from now on. I feel GROSS!

5. The words "I am bored". Summer is fun and my favorite, but if I hear my kids say this phrase one more time, I might lose my shizzzz. They act like we haven't done ANYTHING the past two weeks. Spoiled.

6. Apple. I am on my 3rd iPhone 6. I spent last Sunday at the Genius Bar...again. Lucky me. First it was an upgrade. Second time was software. Third time was hardware. Praying there won't be a fourth.

7. Cleaning House. I do it and 2.2 seconds later it's a disaster again. Enough said. Welcome, Summer Break and the kids being home.

So NOT Over:

1. Summer. I mean what can be better than naps, pool time, concerts, long days, tan lines, no schedules, beaches, lakes and NO HOMEWORK!

2. Chambray. I just can't stop. This dress isn't technically chambray, but it has the effect and that's what counts. It's just so dang versatile. 

3. Tassels. I wear these necklaces all of the time. If it has a tassel, sign me up. Trend or not, I am on board at the moment.

4. White Nail Polish. Again. I just can't quit. I tell myself I am going to get a new color on my toes at each salon visit, but it never happens. It goes with everything and seems to stay on better than any other color. If it isn't broke, why fix it?

5. Texting my Girlfriends. Best thing ever. We don't have time to talk or have three-way we just type silliness, add a dozen emjois, vent about our day and send inappropriate pics.

6. iTunes Radio. Yes, I said I was so over Apple, but I do love me some iTunes radio. I barely listen to my playlist, Pandora or iHeart Radio anymore. If you have an iPhone...check it out. 

7. Ed Sheeran. I LOVE this guy and all his music. I cannot get enough of his new song, Photograph. I think I have listened to it three times a day over the last week. Melt.My.Heart.

So there was a little bit of random for your Wednesday. It's been awhile and it felt good to share. This was probably the easiest post I have typed in a long time and it felt really nice. Happy Hump Day!

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