Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shall We Polka?

Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: Forever 21 | Belt: Target | Necklace: Fierce Deer Etsy Shop | Bracelet: Thrifted | Ring: Forever 21

Short and simple post today. 

Just one thing to tell you.

Go to Old Navy now!

They have the cutest polka dot selections...shorts, dresses, sweaters, scarves and shoes.

Polka dots are one of the biggest trends right now, but in my opinion, a staple and timeless pattern.
I posted a few polka dot Old Navy finds on Andrea's blog last week.

Just in case you missed it, I thought I would share them again.

 I recently scooped up the dress (posted here today in red), crop pants and shorts.

The flats are next on my list!

Dress | Pants | Scarf | Flats | Shorts

So, are you a fan? I know my closet is filling up with these colorful dots! 

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Cheers to tomorrow!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Wow! Another weekend has come and gone. Do you feel like you blink a couple of times and Monday is here again? Even though we try to make every minute count and do as much as we can, there doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done and accomplished. I am not complaining, just wishing we could add a few more hours onto the weekends.

And can you believe it will be August this week? Where has the summer gone? This is my favorite time of the year and it is coming to a close. I already spotted a few Christmas decorations on the shelves of some stores. WHAT? Can I please just enjoy a few more moments of summer before we start seeing Santa Claus everywhere? 

If you have been reading along, you know that Mondays on this here blog mean weekend snapshot sharing via Instagram. So, here we go...

She participated in her first biathlon Saturday morning. She had to swim 4 laps in the pool and run a 1K race. Our cousin trains young triathletes and invited Logan to join. She has only been "training" for about a week, so I was super nervous about how she would do, especially about having to swim without stopping. I am proud to report that she rocked it and wants to join a team and train. This was seriously one of my proudest mom moments. When she crossed that finish line tears came to my eyes!  

4. Pool with friends

5. Celebrating the start of the Olympics. GO TEAM U.S.A. We watched it all weekend. Did you?

6. Backyard shindigs at the casa...fried fish, washers, cold beverages, music and friends...it doesn't get much better than this.

7. Hearing the kids' laugh and giggle playing in the backyard, doing what kids are supposed to do...jump on the trampoline, make up dance routines, play volleyball and run around like crazy animals! These are what memories are made of. 

8. What I wore on Sunday. The shorts are my new faves from Old Navy. I have found some jewels there lately. If you haven't been in awhile, you need to make a trip soon!

9. We found these cute little skinny jeans for Logan at Target. Another thing she had to have or was going to DIE! I secretly want a pair for myself.

10. We went bowling on Sunday and check out the scores. Momma knows how to roll!

11. I downloaded Text Free on Logan's iPod and she won't stop sending me messages. This is how it started off. By the end of the day, I had about 20 new messages from her. What have I done??

What was on your summer agenda over the weekend? I hope you enjoyed it, made the most of it and got to spend it with the people you love.

P.S. Make sure to stop by Jessica's blog, Jessica Who, for a 12 prizes and 12 winners giveaway. I just might be offering something for free! Go enter now!

Cheers to making it a great week!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Scarf Print and Giveaway Winner

Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Forever 21 | Belt: Another Dress | Sandals: Payless | Necklace: Bauble Bar | Ring: F21

Are you loving the scarf prints as much as I am? They are starting to slowly sneak up in stores, but can be difficult to snag. I have recently spotted a few scarf inspired designs at Zara, Kohl's and at H&M online. 

Then of course, my go-to, never-let-me-down-store, Forever 21 had this maxi skirt sitting on the rack waiting just for me. No surprise, right? I seem to always walk in on just the right day. With all the colors, I figured this one could be remixed a hundred ways. So, without hesitation it went straight from the rack, to the register, into a bag and home with me.

So, what do you think about scarf patterns? Yay? Or Nay?

If you need a little more Shanna time today, hop over to Meghan's blog and see what fun statement necklaces I found AND Andrea's blog for some polka dotted love. 

Now it's time to announce the JEWELIQ giveaway winner. The very lucky lady who will get to pick ANYTHING  from the JEWELIQ online store is...
Kristen Wright
Thank you to everyone who entered. There were almost 2,000 entries! You ladies rock!

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Cheers to scarf prints, a winner and a future bad ass giveaway!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

I couldn't resist this today...I just couldn't. 

Logan asked me all day yesterday when I was going to post her outfit pictures on my blog. 

Yes, both of my girls are well aware that I have a blog. 
They know the name, know what it's about and attend most of the "photo sessions".

Logan was so proud of this outfit because she put it together all by herself for her friend's birthday party. 
She asked if I could take pictures of her for my blog. 
Who could say no to this amazing ensemble and gorgeous little smile? Nobody.

These are her very first pair of wedges. 
Total milestone, right? 
A day she will never forget, so she says. 
She swore that she had to have them or she was going to DIE. 

Yes, I know, you don't have to tell me twice...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

She is definitely my "mini me". 
I am still debating whether or not that is a good thing.

Regardless, I have a feeling this won't be the last time you see her posing on the blog. 

Cheers to apples!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Being Selective

Dress: TJ Maxx | Shoes: Forever 21 | Belt: Thrifted | Bracelets: Forever 21 and Lily & Lauren

I recently picked up this $20 dress at TJ Maxx the same day I found the lace shorts that debuted here last Friday. I was planning on wearing this outfit to a wedding shower we went to on Saturday, but changed my mind at the last minute. 

This isn't unusual times for me. I will admit to being "that girl" who changes clothes at least 3 times before settling on a final decision. 

You can call it vain. I prefer to call it being "SELECTIVE". 

I thought this might be a little too dressy for an outdoor wedding shower being held smack dab in the middle of a Texas heat wave. I am happy to report that being "selective" has its perks. I would have been slightly over dressed and wouldn't have excelled at the friendly little game of corn hole played that evening. Tossing bean bags in wedges and a shorter than normal dress would not have been a good mix.

So, I will save this new purchase for another day and another time. I am sure I will get my $20 use out of it one day soon.

Tell me that I am not the only "selective" girl out there. Does it look like a hurricane came through your bedroom when you get ready for an event? Or is your room similar to mine and resemble hurricane alley on DAILY basis? If not, can you at least humor me?

Cheers to not settling until it feels right.

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Life Lately - Weekend Edition

It's Monday and you know what that means...weekend recap time. We were running crazy and packed in a million things into two short days, but I am not complaining. It was another picture worthy weekend spent with family and old friends. 

I love doing these posts each week because as I write and upload my photos, I am reminded, yet again, how lucky and blessed I am to have a close and loving family, strong core of friends and pretty darn amazing life in general.

So, this is what went on in our little bubble over the weekend.

Logan starting the weekend off Friday evening with some fishing at Ross's family ranch. This girl will hook her own line, cast it out and reel in the fish all by her lonesome. She definitely takes after her dad and does it well.

She woke up early Saturday morning and caught this 5 lb. bass in her PJs. She wants to mount it and hang it in her room. Can you say die hard?

 Then we have the other one who doesn't have much patience for fishing yet, but is all about going on the hunt for turkey feathers. She insisted this be her hair accessory for the day.

Saturday night we headed to Houston for a high school friend's wedding shower. It was great catching up with so many people that we haven't seen in awhile. It's always a good time when you get Alvin folks together for a party. 

Except when you have to listen to the guys bitch and moan about their bean bag position in Corn Hole. I am more of a washer kind of girl, but ended up playing along with the boys. Ross and I took a few teams out and are the reigning corn hole champs at the shower. Have you ever played this before?

Thanks to my blogging BFF, Angela, for the inspiration to knot my maxi dress. I wore this to the shower and some several guests looked at me kind of funny, but I like the twist and plan on doing it more often. Have you ever knotted one of your maxi skirts or dresses?

After the shower and a few margaritas, I needed a late night snack. So, this was the night's winner. Between four of us, we finished off this bag in no time flat. I will warn you, the corners of your mouth will be raw after eating them, but it's oh, so worth it. These chips go down in the books! Thank you, once again, Target.

We ended Saturday with a friendly not so nice, game of Battle of the Sexes. Talk about a waking up the neighbors with arguments. Holy heck! The boys were worse than the girls and the questions we had to answer were beyond unfair.  How am I supposed to know who Rocky Balboa fought in the first match of the Rocky movie? Seriously? Really though, this is such a fun game and I actually learned a thing or two.

Then came Sunday Funday. There is a fun little water park down the road from Ross's family ranch called Splashway. If you live in the Houston area and have a family, this is a great place to camp or go for the weekend. Nothing like the sun, water slides and a lazy river to wrap up the weekend.

 So, how was your weekend? Did it involve any fishing, showers, competitive games or pool time? Whatever it entailed, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. 

Cheers to a great week! Make it count!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Lots and Lots of News!!

Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's | Shorts: TJ Maxx | Shoes: Lukcy Brand | Necklace: F21 | Bracelets: Giveaway win & F21

 I have lots to share with everyone today. 

Let's start with the outfit first. So, I have been searching high and low for a pair of lace shorts that were a moderate length. I just can't wear super short shorts anymore. I am getting too damn old for that. Well, as you can see, I found some. Not only is the length perfect, but the high waist hides the muffin tops! Total score! The price gets a big, golden trophy too. They were only $14.99 at TJ Maxx. I grabbed three different sizes to try on because I didn't want to take any chances of someone else snagging them. Call me greedy. I am in love with the color and went with a monochromatic look today. Sometimes, there isn't any need for  bold and brights.

Next on the agenda is the winner of the Glamour Me Jewels Giveaway. The lucky lady who will be receiving the black and gold chain link bracelet is....Andrea from The Blonde Ambitions. Thanks to all who entered. Don't fret if you didn't win. Go enter the giveaway going on right now! It's a doozie!

Onto more news, I have taken over Laura's blog, Beauty & the Beard, today. I adore this girl and am a faithful reader of her blog. She is the sweetest and cutest. She just finished gallivanting on a huge road trip and now she off camping in the woods somewhere. Laura, come back soon, okay!?

Now for the MOST important news. I have decided to start accepting sponsors on the blog. There are four different sizes to choose from and each one will run for 30 days. As soon as you submit an ad and it's approved, it will start showing up immediately. Click on the sponsor tab above if you have the slightest interest. I am super excited about this, but FREAKING OUT at the same time. We will see what happens. I would love to have you and grow our blogs together!

One last thing, don't forget to enter the JEWELIQ Reader's Choice Giveaway. Ladies, if you haven't entered yet, go do it now! I promise, it's worth a few clicks!

 I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Be safe. Be happy. Be back Monday!


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