Friday, November 30, 2012

$30 Giveaway to Gallery Boutique

Love this dress? Well, so do I.

I fell in love the minute my hazel eyes made contact with it on gallery's Instgram feed.
Not only did this chevron dress give me the giddies, but so many of their other pieces made me ask, "Why and how am I just now finding this fun shop?"

My girl, Hannah, from gallery swept me off my feet when she sent the dress over for me to share all it's wondrous beauty with you.

So, have you heard of gallery? Or have you been sitting on the sideline with me? Well, it's time to get off the bench for some fashion play time.

Adorable dresses. A to-die-for aztec print cardigan. This bracelet that I wear almost every single day. And I mustn't leave out this lace peplum. What else could a girl ask for when it comes to fun, affordable and fashionable shopping?

With the holiday shopping season in full force, introducing you to this company couldn't have come at a better time. What's even better than perfect timing?  The chance to win a $30 credit to gallery. Yep, pick out anything your heart desires from their online shop.

So many gift ideas for that trendy girl in your life. And I am not talking about your best friend, I am talking about you! Yeah, you! You know if you win you're gonna shop for yourself. I know I would!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

2 for 1 Christmas Pinterest Projects

I made this! 

From pinning this on Pinterest.

I have been bound and determined to get my craft on for the holiday season. There are so many magical DIYs floating around Pinterest, and this little DIY glitter deer stole my heart. I thought to myself, there is no way mine will turn out as well. It is going to be a HOT MESSY MESS! Can I actually glitter inside the lines? Well, yes I can! And yes, I did.

This project was as simple as simple comes. I sent Ross on a mission to Google his favorite buck silhouette. After we both agreed on "the one", he printed, cut, traced onto to some heavy cardstock and then cut it out with a razor. His job was done.

Now, onto my part, the fun, easy-peasy part, which includes GLITTER! 

What you will need:
Any size canvas. I chose a 12x16
Deer pattern
Glue (I would choose clear)
Paint brush
Hair spray 
Total Cost: $14.16

Step by Step:
1. Trace your pattern onto the canvas
2. Apply a good amount of glue onto the deer
3. Use a paint brush to even out thicker, uneven parts. Trace around the lines and hard to reach parts.
4. Pour on the glitter
5. Let it set for about a minute
6. Shake off
7. Touch up any areas you missed.
8. Spray with hairspray to make sure the glitter stays in place.
9. Viola!
Doesn't he look so cute and cozy sitting by candlelight in my dining room? I just love him. And what I love most is that Ross and I made it together, well sort of. I mean, it was a team effort.

Okay, I have a little something extra for ya today. Call it a 2 for 1. The holiday season is about giving and sharing, right? Well, I had to share this one with you too.
 My version

I wanted something new and festive for my mantel this year. BINGO! Pinterest strikes again! Where else do we get our brilliant ideas from these days? 

The Deets:
N, E and L came from Hobby Lobby (N and O were 50% off. I used a 40% off coupon for the E.)
O is a plain Jane wreath from JoAnn's (It was 40% off as well)
Poinesetta - I already had at home
Total Cost: $26.79

I must say that I am smitten. Although I do like the one I pinned a little better, what I went with fits better with my Christmas decor. And there was absolutely no tracing, gluing, cutting or measuring with this little number. Just a bit of shopping.

So, what do you think? I'll tell ya what I think. I think I am going to have to start doing this craft thing more often. It was fun and I definitely surprised myself with pinning something and making it happen. Not just once, but twice. Miracles do happen, especially this time of year.

Linking up with these ladies for more Pinterest projects. 
See, there ARE people actually putting their pins to good use.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Messy Project & Random Wednesday #9

Sweater: Old Navy (similar) | Shorts: Forever 21 | Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (old) | Boots: Charlotte Russe | Necklace: Forever 21 | Clutch: Sam Moon (similar)
This fashion project was created by one of my most favorite and the sweetest fashionistas, Kelly. Not familiar with The Messy Project? Well, let me explain. The main goal is to showcase that we can embrace our differences and make a fashion statement with our OWN style.

Simply put, Kelly picked one piece of clothing, the shorts, and then we had to rock it our own way.

The Deal:
A Pair of Shorts
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day

I am not going to lie. I wanted to KILL Kelly when she sent me these shorts hot pants! This is something I definitely would NEVER buy for myself. I mean, I think I am past the age to sport these kind of shorts. I was stressing, but I ended loving what I put together. The sweater is fun and whimsical, like the shorts. I feel like it gave a little more of conservative vibe for my taste. I think it's a sassy, but classy look for the upcoming holidays. Plus, adding some tights gave me more confidence to wear something this short!

Check out what Kelly, Jenna , Chantelle and Alison did with the shorts. It's fun to get new ideas and different perspectives on fashion.

Now......onto Random Wednesday.

1. Let's start with my obsession and issues with scarves. Pictures are worth a thousand words. This time of year, my statement necklaces take second fiddle. Scarves are the BEST accessory and jazz up any outfit. Bonus, the price! In my opinion, Target, Forever 21 and Old Navy have the best selections.

2. I can't stop listening to the Jason Mraz Pandora station. So many Bad-A songs. Think Cold Play, Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Train, O.A.R., Christina Perri and of course Jason Mraz. Check it out.

3. I scored these shoes yesterday from Sole Society for $29.95 and FREE shipping. Thanks to Kelsey for posting them on Instagram. I know I am supposed to be on a shopping ban for myself until after Christmas, but I could not pass up a deal like this. Studs on t-strap heels...I am SOLD and in LOVE.
4. I made chicken enchiladas last night. Those of you who know me well, know that I typically don't cook meals like this. I felt like quite the domesticated goddess. I posted it on Instagram and to my surprise, several of you brave ladies wanted the recipe. So, here you go. It's from the Any Bitch's Husband Has To Cook cookbook. And BITCH meaning - "Babe In Control of Herself". And yes, in case you are wondering, I completely and miserably failed at the whole no dairy diet. I just don't have the will power. My intentions were good.

5. I have a favor to ask of all of you. I am asking that each one of you reading today take one minute to say a prayer. A prayer for comfort, strength and healing for a friend of mine that I have known since high school. On the morning of Thanksgiving, both of her parents were killed in a 100 car pile up on I-10 in Texas headed to Louisiana. I can't fathom losing one parent like this, but both. Gone in an instant. They are a very close family and her and her mom were best of friends. The funeral is today and I am heartbroken that I can't be there. My heart has been heavy since I heard the news last Thursday. I just don't understand why these things happen in life, especially ones so sudden and tragic. I do believe our Lord and Savior has a purpose for us all, but sometimes it's hard to grasp His plans. To take away two good people from this Earth, leave a family shattered and four children without their mom and dad is hard for me to swallow. I guess that's what faith is all about. Faith in knowing that our lives are in His hands and He can call us Home without a moment's notice. So, thank you in advance for taking time to say a quick and heartfelt prayer for a family who needs them now more than ever. Make sure to NEVER go to bed angry. Hug the ones you love tightly and make sure they know it. And don't EVER take them for granted.

**If you are linking up today, please use good manners. I kindly ask that you follow my blog and link back to it in your post. It's called blogging etiquette. Oh, and go meet some new friends! 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Imperfect Life. Perfect Moments.

Welcome back from the four day feast of turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. Just to make you feel better, not one of those calories counted. Not even one.

So, I'm gonna get a wee bit deep today. Just a few things that have been restless in the back of my brain.

Here goes...

I have stumbled upon a few blogs lately that dedicate an entire post to stating how "over" they are with seeing other people say how "perfect" their lives are. There are even a handful of ecards people make saying things of this sort. People I know have deleted their Facebook accounts because they are sick of seeing people post stuff about their kids, their significant other, joys in their lives, accomplishments or in some people's minds, bragging on how "perfect" their life is.

Yes, I understand that most of us don't showcase what goes on behind closed doors. I think that isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are some things that need to remain behind those doors and stay private. At least that's how I feel now. I was "that" person, not too long ago, that opened up my "closed" door and let too many people through the front door.

I am NOT saying who and what bloggers should or shouldn't write about. That is why we all blog, to communicate with the world, express our own opinions, inspire others, time capsule our lives and for the most part, let complete strangers into our personal world.

I always told myself that I would stay positive on my blog. That is my personal choice. Besides a few hiccups that have taken place in the past year, I have for the most part stuck to my guns. 

I don't look down upon ANY bloggers. Heck, I respect every single one of us out there because we DO put ourselves out there for the whole entire world to judge and make opinions about. I don't think I fully realized that until recently.

I will say, that you will never hear me publicly make a negative statement about what anyone is posting out there in blog land. Specific or general. I just don't want to place time or energy making negative statements about what some bloggers are doing or not doing. And this includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let people be happy. Be happy for them.

If the majority of my blog and social media posts seem too perfect, than I guess you can label me a fake blogger. That's okay. I know that I am not perfect. My family is not perfect. My friends are not perfect, but they fit perfectly into my life.

I don't know about you, but I want to look back at my blog and remember the happy moments and know that I did not dwell on a few hot seconds of drama. 

I am NOT speaking about major life events, death, illness, depression or deep relationship issues. I am talking about petty drama that does absolutely nothing for anyone except hurt feelings and make the people saying these things somehow feel better about themselves.

So, if you are still interested in my imperfect life, here are a few perfect moments from the weekend that I can't wait to look back on ten years from now.

My sweet family of four at the camp house, 
riding through the trails on the Polaris. 

Pouring a glass of red wine with my mom and sister as soon as
I walked in the door on Thanksgiving.

Taking pictures of ourselves in the car when I know I have
a fresh coat of lipgloss on. 

Target shooting at balloons with Logan to see who has the better aim. 
She won by a long shot.

Carrying on a 34+ year tradition of making Christmas cookies
with my mom and passing it onto my own children.
Those cookie cutters are older than I am.

Road trips back home to Alvin for the holidays and praying the kids 
will pass out for a quiet 3.5 hour drive.

Capturing moments like this on my iPhone. 
This is the epitomy of Landry, footloose and fancy free.

Watching Ross and Logan have a competition on who can catch
the most fish from the pond. And exposing our children to
more than video games and television.

To sum it up from my prospective, be YOU, just try and leave the judging of others out.

Today is the LAST day to enter the group giveaway. FOURTEEN prizes adding up to over $300 is up for grabs. Don't miss out. Click here to enter.

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