Friday, June 26, 2015


Anthropologie Fluttered Blouse

I mentioned Wednesday that we have been eating out A LOT this every single day. My girls had back-to-back camps and we have less than an hour to eat lunch. So, we have made our rounds when it comes to eating. Let's just say I am feeling a little "fluffier" than usual. No camps next week means lots of salads at home. 

Anyway, due to my fluffy feelings, this fluttered sleeve blouse did a fab job of camouflaging. It's super soft and lightweight, perfect for the rising temps here in Texas. After a week in tennis shoes, flip flops and flats, I wanted to put on a pair of heels for last night's Mexican food dinner with the fam. See, I told you guys our dining out habits have been off the charts!! It's almost embarrassing.

Only a few sizes left in this top, but there are five other color and print options as well. If you are looking for a billowy fit that is crazy comfy and cool, I suggest adding one to your summer wardrobe. I plan on wearing it again with denim shorts and sandals for weekend errands. I purchased a size 4, but think I could have gone up or down a size and been fine either way. 

Have a great weekend and some fun in the sun!

Chole Drew Replica
Fluttered Blouse // Old Navy Skinny Denim // Nude Strap Heels (option here and here) // Forever 21 Bag // Forever 21 Sunglasses (option here and here) // Cross Ring (option) // Gorjana Teagan Ring // Michael Kors Watch // Kendra Scott Necklace


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Natural Repeat

anthropologie linen elastic bow tie shorts

Wow, what a change of pace from yesterday. Okay, I don't mean to bore you guys with the same color combo of red, black and white, but at least I added chambray into the mix with this style. The combination has always been a go-to of mine. I seem to always coordinate these colors without even just comes naturally. Why wouldn't it? They are classic, timeless and no matter if you're shooting for a casual or dressy look, they just seem to perfectly mesh.

I picked up these linen tie shorts from Anthropologie a few weeks ago. They are now on SUPER sale along with so many other adorable pieces. In case you didn't know, Anthropologie is running a Summer Tag sale with savings up to 50% off. This dress I wore a few weeks ago is now less than $50. I want over a dozen pieces, but having a hard time deciding what to send to checkout. Honestly, I'm REALLY trying to spend less and save more, but when this sale rolls around it's hard to resist since it only happens twice a year!

I have rounded up a few of my favorites below. Help me pick!! Which should I have mailed to me?! I need my friends' opinions. It's always easier to choose when you get your girlfriends' two cents!

Anthropologie Summer Tag Sale 2015
Red Black and White Outfit Idea
Chambray for Summer
Sunburst Necklace
Linen Shorts casual summer wear
Black and White Stripe Satchel
Target Black Espadrilles
Anthropologie Linen Shorts // Forever 21 Chambray Top (old: option here and here) // Red Boyfriend Blazer (old: option here and here) // Black Espadrilles (on clearance!) // Stripe Satchel (option) // Fedora // Sunburst Necklace // Wrenn Jewelry Druzy Necklace c/o // Daniel Wellington Watch c/o

Anthropologie Summer Tag Sale Favorites

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Schedule

red black and white summer outfit ideas

We are well into our third week of Summer Break and not to jinx myself, but things have been pretty streamlined. The first week was full of nothing, just embracing freedom. Last week was a morning camp, hitting the gym again and lazy rainy afternoons. This week, well, Landry is in volleyball camp in the morning and Logan in the afternoon. We have an hour in between camps, so fast food lunch breaks will be our story until Friday.

The best part, the girls joined a last minute FREE VBS which means Mom and Dad have a few hours alone for dinner. More eating out. This is why I hit the gym again last week. Last night we headed out for sushi and actually got to have a lengthy conversation about our day and catch up on husband and wife stuff. 

Besides hearing the words, "Moooooooom, Come here!" at least five times while writing this post and my house being destroyed with Shrinky Dink crafts, makeshift Barbie swimming pools, cement powder "accidentally" dropped across the kitchen floor for another "said" craft and filthy dogs coming in every night from playing in the mud filled back yard (thank you, rainy summer) life without a school schedule hasn't been all that bad. 

Just trying to embrace the chaotic moments while they last because one day I will long for them to return. 

Still surprised that Ross and I are making blog pictures happen and that I am actually getting dressed for the day, even though it's not until 5:00 PM for an hour dinner. Hey, you take what you can get.

Kendra Scott White Rayne Tassle Necklace
Kendra Scott Jewelry
Old Navy Summer Style 2015
Wrenn Jewelry
Red Peep Toe Sandal Flats Old Navy
Old Navy Top // J.Crew Factory White Denim (option here and here) // Old Navy Peep Toe Sandals // Forever 21 Bag (option and option) // Kendra Scott Necklace // Kendra Scott Ring // Costa Sunglasses // Wrenn Jewelry Bracelets c/o // Daniel Wellington Watch c/o // Cross Ring (option)


Friday, June 19, 2015

Less is More

Blush vest for summer

Typically, when it comes to clothes I need color...lots of it. Red, blue, green and orange are my basics and ones I tend to grab for when shopping. The proof is in most of my posts. During the spring and summer months, you will most likely see me in vibrant colors and prints...they just seem appropriate for and go hand-in-hand with the warm and sunny seasons.

Sometimes, on occasion, when shopping my closet with pieces I already own, something magical takes place, new ideas come to my head and BOOM, a neutral outfit is born. I don't own many pieces that play into this style, but the ones I do have can be recreated time again like this blush vest, cream bag (best Chloe Drew knock-off!) and these tan tassel sandals. Moving forward, I am going to try and play up my simplicity game because sometimes less is more. Ya know? But, I am not trading in my bright colors and patterns all together. That wouldn't be fair. :)

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Are any dads even reading? Probably not. Ha! Ladies, make sure to recognize them and give them an extra squeeze or three! I know I will.

Neutral tops with distressed denim for summer
old navy distressed boyfriend denim shorts
chloe drew look alike
neutral weekend style
blush and cream neutral outfit combination
kendra scott leighton station necklace
tan tassel sandals summer 2015

P.S. If you are looking for a neutral colored vest for all season, I highly recommend this one from Forever 21. It's from their contemporary line, so be sure to size down. I purchased a size small. Below is another way I styled it and the full post from a few month back


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Over & Out

Striped blue chambray dress

I thought it would be fun and out of the norm to actually post some current "over and out" feelings I have been having as of late. Sometimes I get caught up in "outfits" and forget to share pieces of my brain and life on the blog. So, if you are here for fashion inspiration, awesome, feel free to scroll through and skip the content. Otherwise, here goes a laundry list of items I am soooo over and a few that I can't get enough of. Bringing the random back...

Knock off chloe drew bag
Beaded tassel necklaces for summer
Chloe Drew Bag replica
Tassel, beaded and Kendra Scott jewelry for summer
H&M Blue and white striped dress
Every day summer style
How to tie a shirt around your waist trend

So Over:

1. Social Media. I just can't keep up. I am still not on Snapchat and doubt I ever will be. I can't bring myself to add one more thing to my social plate. I hear it's a party though! Ha! And Instagram? I am tired of thinking about filters, lighting and captions. What happened to the good ol' days?

2. Network Television. Is there anything on TV these days that we can watch as a family? Like something that my entire family wants to actually sit on the couch and watch together? Something that is appropriate and doesn't revolve people eating one another, violence, adult content or kids hearing "Whispers"? Geeeeez, what happened to TGIF? Better yet...bring back Gilmore Girls!

3. The Rain. Tropical storm. Flooding. Disastrous backyard. The lakes need it, but most of us Texans are D.O.N.E.

4. Not Working Out. I am ashamed and embarrassed. No excuses was my motto, but I guess I forgot that along with so many other things the past few months. Well, I drug my sagging and out of shape booty to the gym on Monday. I wanted to die and can hardly sit on the toilet, but I did it and plan to do it again today...and three days a week from now on. I feel GROSS!

5. The words "I am bored". Summer is fun and my favorite, but if I hear my kids say this phrase one more time, I might lose my shizzzz. They act like we haven't done ANYTHING the past two weeks. Spoiled.

6. Apple. I am on my 3rd iPhone 6. I spent last Sunday at the Genius Bar...again. Lucky me. First it was an upgrade. Second time was software. Third time was hardware. Praying there won't be a fourth.

7. Cleaning House. I do it and 2.2 seconds later it's a disaster again. Enough said. Welcome, Summer Break and the kids being home.

So NOT Over:

1. Summer. I mean what can be better than naps, pool time, concerts, long days, tan lines, no schedules, beaches, lakes and NO HOMEWORK!

2. Chambray. I just can't stop. This dress isn't technically chambray, but it has the effect and that's what counts. It's just so dang versatile. 

3. Tassels. I wear these necklaces all of the time. If it has a tassel, sign me up. Trend or not, I am on board at the moment.

4. White Nail Polish. Again. I just can't quit. I tell myself I am going to get a new color on my toes at each salon visit, but it never happens. It goes with everything and seems to stay on better than any other color. If it isn't broke, why fix it?

5. Texting my Girlfriends. Best thing ever. We don't have time to talk or have three-way we just type silliness, add a dozen emjois, vent about our day and send inappropriate pics.

6. iTunes Radio. Yes, I said I was so over Apple, but I do love me some iTunes radio. I barely listen to my playlist, Pandora or iHeart Radio anymore. If you have an iPhone...check it out. 

7. Ed Sheeran. I LOVE this guy and all his music. I cannot get enough of his new song, Photograph. I think I have listened to it three times a day over the last week. Melt.My.Heart.

So there was a little bit of random for your Wednesday. It's been awhile and it felt good to share. This was probably the easiest post I have typed in a long time and it felt really nice. Happy Hump Day!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Insta Style

I haven't done an Instagram round up in quite some time and because taking blog pictures during the summer isn't always the easiest or top priority, I thought I would share a few photos and pieces that didn't technically make a full blog post.

In case you missed these posts or aren't on Instagram, I have included links to exact or similar items of what I wore over the last couple of weeks. If you do have Instagram, I would be honored if you followed along @shannasaidso

Crochet Fringe Shorts Cowgirl Boots Country Music Festival Style
Crochet Fringe Shorts (option here, here and here) // Black Lace Cami (option here and here) // 

Old Navy Embroidered Chambray Denim Romper
Embroidered Chambray Romper // Black Wedges // Stripe Satchel (option) // 

Window pane Pants
Red Blouse (option) // Windowpane Pants (option here and here) // 
Ankle Strap Block Heels (option here and here) //

Pom pom shorts for summer 
Black & White Stripe Tank (option here and here) // Yellow Pom Pom Shorts (sold out: option here and here) // Nude Gold Bow Sandals // Oversized Tote // Daniel Wellington Watch // 
Gold Pave Link Necklace (option)

Elephant print swimsuit
Elephant Print Tankini // Sandals // Glasses (option here and here) // Hat (option)

Tassel necklaces and noonday bracelets
Purple Swing Tank (option here and here) // Distressed Denim Shorts // Gold Sandals // Tassel Necklaces // Watch // Bracelets

Old Navy one piece halter swimsuit

Old Navy chevron maxi dress
Maxi Dress // Braided Belt (option here and here) // Sandals // Necklaces // Watch

I hope everyone is having a great week!