Friday, May 31, 2013

Mushy & Must Haves

Target Top (exact) (option) // Old Navy Denim (exact) (option) // Forever 21 Heels (exact) (option) // c/o Lilac Bijoux Necklace (exact) // Sam Moon Clutch (option) (option) // Stella & Dot, Vintage & Forever 21 Bracelets (exact) (option) (option) // Forever 21 Glasses (option) (option)

Let's get to the mushy stuff first. Thank you is not even big enough. You guys! Oh my word. The texts, comments, tweets, emails, Instagram notes, FaceTime and phone calls made my day. Never in all my years have I felt so much birthday love. I was sky high all day just from simple wishes. I know everyone is busy with their own lives, so it meant the world that people even stopped for a few seconds to say, "Happy Birthday". The bizarre thing, but spectacular nonetheless, is that over half of the love came from friends that I have made through blogging. Hey bloggers of the world, we are onto something. It's quite the little ginormous community. And to my IRL friends and family, I love you and would not be where I am today if I didn't have each of you to celebrate the years with me. Okay, mush talk over.

Onto bigger and better things....

So, I was saying 2.2 seconds ago, being a blogger and/or reading blogs is a pretty big deal. It's full of information, friendships, engagement, knowledge, opportunities, making connections and of course learning about the best places to shop to spend our hard earned money.

This brings me to the next topic of discussion, Lilac Bijoux. If it weren't for being in the blogging realm, I would have never heard of one of the best accessory/jewelery boutiques I have come across.

I have actually become personal friends with one of the owners and she not only has a serious eye for style, but she is as real as they come.

I own a few necklaces from Lilac Bijoux including the one in today's post and the quality surpasses any other piece in my crazy, absurd jewelry collection.

We all know that clothes alone will not complete an outfit. It takes a few accessories and pops of pizazz to really get the party started and Lilac Bijoux can help all my sisters out.

I mean, look how boring my style would have been today without this bold statement necklace, a bright clutch and some leopard print pumps.

They have an eclectic mix of product styles and price ranges. And because I blog, I feel like it is my duty to share Lilac Bijoux with you. I have selected a few of my favorites pieces from their online shop that I thought you will fall in love with too.

Lilac Bijoux

I bet you want one of each, right? I know I sure do. Well, good news. Now through Sunday, June 2nd you can receive 15% off your order by using the code Shanna15. Happy shopping and happy weekend!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Suit

c/o Wallis Jacket (option) (option)// c/o Wallis Shorts (option) (option) // Forever 21 Top (option) (option) // c/o Wallis Heels (option) (option) // Target Bag (option) (option) // Forever 21 Earrings (option) (option) // Forever 21 Bracelet (option) (option)

Yes, it's true. I am wearing my birthday suit today because it's my birthday! Lucky me, I am now officially in my mid-thirties. Whooopeeeee! I say that with 100% sarcasm. I mean, how did this happen? How is it even possible that I am 35? 

Yes, I am happy to still be alive to celebrate another birthday, but I am not nearly as excited as I have been in the past when May 30th rolled around. Heck, I used remind everyone all month long. Not one, but two Mexico vacations were planned around this day. Friends and family gathered for some serious throw downs.

This year? Eh, not so much. This year is low key; dinner with the family, lunch with a few friends and a hanging out by the pool on Friday. This plan actually sounds quite nice.

I can honestly say that I feel like (and possibly look like) I'm still in my 20s, only better. I am finally exactly where I want to be in life and it only took 35 years to get here.

Let me explain.

I am not working a dead end job, being underpaid and being called the "marketing girl".
I am doing something that I am passionate about and more dedicated than I ever been in my life.
I started a blog and post pictures of myself. Who would have ever thought? Not this girl.
I don't have to go to a bar to have a good time. 
I can walk down the street and hang out with some of the best friends in the world.
Ross and I made it through some treacherous and agonizing bumps and now love one another more than the day we got married.
My kids can make their breakfast, dress themselves and wash their own hair. Definite highlight.
We found a church home that we love and has brought us closer to God.
I have learned to let go, move on and not let anything that happened in the past tarnish me.
I have faced my demons and fears and gave them a swift kick in the you-know-where.
I am stronger, more confident, courageous and self aware.
We are more financially secure thanks to all of Ross's tireless hard work for our family and company.
I have a core group of friends. We are raising our families together. It takes a village, ya know?
I will walk shamelessly into Forever 21 even though I am far from 21.
I no longer live in a house. I now have a home.
I can officially say I have traveled to another country besides Mexico. Still smiling from London.
We have child care tuition FREEDOM after 8 years. Can you say major raise?
Student loans are the thing of the past. It only took 10 years.

And did I mention that I started a blog and now I have friends from all over the world; one in particular that is coming to visit me in August! It's crazy for me to wrap my brain around this whole blog world. I will tell you one thing, it got me through some pretty dark times and provided me something that I can call my own. A place where I can express my thoughts, inspire others and push myself to do things that I didn't even know existed. I wake up every day being so thankful for my little space and that I can come here and share my life and loves with all of you, my friends.

In a nutshell, life is pretty darn good at the moment and I don't feel my so-called age one single bit. What other choice do I have than to embrace this time in my life...all 35 years of it. Now, in five years, if I am still around, then we will readdress this whole age thing, but rumor has it that 40 is the new 30. We'll see.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random Wednesday #35 - Winter Lennon Giveaway

c/o Winter Lennon Dress (exact) // Forever 21 Wedges (exact) (option) // Aldo Bag (option) (option) // Forever 21 Glasses (option) (option) // Francesca's Ring (option

Yes, today is Random Wednesday and I have a confession. I don't really have anything "random" to chat about. I think I threw out plenty of it in yesterday's post and I might just bring some out again tomorrow.

Today, well, it's just pictures of a maxi dress that I fell in love with from Winter Lennon. Have you heard of this fun online store? If not, be ready to add another bookmark to your toolbar. So much cute stuff. 

Winter Lennon is constantly adding new arrivals, every Tuesday to be exact, and they carry pieces that you don't typically see at other online boutiques. This is one of my favorite things about the shop, and that it's owned and operated by a fellow Texan who provides impeccable customer service. 

Well, actually my favorite thing is that there is a dress that's available now called the Landry. Hello!! That's my Sparkle Monkey's name. If I didn't already own this top in the same pattern I would have immediately added it to my shopping cart and hit "mail this to me now". I am in love and it's the perfect summer maxi.

Here are a few pieces from Winter Lennon that I thought you ladies might want to add to your summer wardrobe. All super affordable, feminine and fun. 

Winter Lennon

Here's a little shopping alert from me to you, Winter Lennon has the famous J.Crew inspired fringe necklace available in three colors right now. Girls, this will sell out. Get it for $24.00 before it's gone! You are welcome.

Today, Winter Lennon is offering you a chance to win a $50 credit to their online boutique. Also, for a limited time use the code SHOP30 at checkout for 30% off your entire order. Happy shopping!

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Check out Ashley's blog for some summer fashion inspiration.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Glamping 101

Some of you may already know that we went "glamping" for Memorial Day weekend. That means camping with the "extra" amenities. The only words that come to mind as I am typing this post is priceless times. Oh, the stories that I could tell; better yet, the stories that the Jellystone campgrounds could tell. Oh my word. Nothing but good times, late nights, lots of sun, old and new friendships, camp food, water slides, weddings, celebrities and memories. Curious? Keep reading.

For the record, if any of you want to join us next year for the Memorial Day weekend extravaganza, book your spot next month. Here is the website. That's how hot this ticket is. I promise, it will be a three day weekend to remember. Can't wait for 2014.

If you are in the market for a summer "glamping" excursion, I put together a few tips that might help you along the way. And so we begin....
Hello, Jellystone. The troops have arrived...let the "Glamping'' 101 advice begin....

1. Book a cabin if one is available at the park you are staying at. It is way too much work to "RV" it. Poor Ross. I don't know how he did it...between pulling this massive concoction, to hooking it up and then dragging it home...lots of exhausting work after a loooooong weekend. We will 100% be paying the extra money to stay in a cabin next year.

2. Make sure you pick a campground with a pool. This is a MUST. Throw in a few trashy, gossip magazines, mommy juice, crazy kids, adult floaties and best friends. Your "glamping" trip is well on it's way to sucess.

3. Next up are the "glamping" accessories. It is imperative that your organized friends order and pack themed Styrofoam cups, sport glow in the dark jewelry, dress for the occasion (insert red, white & blue) and wear t-shirts that sum up the weekend. Everyone loves Sunday Funday, right? Right!

 4. Pack fun, competitive games such as washers. This will keep the men distracted long enough for the women to actually sit down and gossip. Don't forget the pitchers of the spiked lemonade for when you get really thirsty. See picture above. Want the recipe for what's in the pitcher? Email me.

5. This is where it gets interesting. Wondering what this picture is all about? Let me explain. We locked ourselves out of our camper. We were given some expert "glamping" advice from a fellow camper: crawl through the storage area and look for the "secret" door/slot to the inside of your camper. This was an ultimate team effort. Ross popped the secret hatch and we sent our oldest  in for the mission to be accomplished.  All was finally well on travel trailer road. I am not going to lie. I started crying alligator tears, moved onto laughing hysterically and finally gave utter thankfulness and praise to God. Crisis moment averted. 

 5. Your "glamping" camp site must have water slides installed. It doesn't matter the shape, size or color, they just has to be present.

6. Signing up for the karaoke talent show is one to put on your list. It is required that you sing something from Taylor Swift or Adele. All the cool kids are doing it.  

 7. Be prepared for a wedding. Yes, weddings take place while "glamping". I am still in awe that I witnessed Yogi Bear being part of a wedding party. It was real, classic love that I will never forget. And yes, the bride and groom spent their honeymoon on the campgrounds. True, undying love, I tell you. Just call me the unofficial wedding photographer. I have about 50 on my iPhone. I was in the moment.

 8. Camp food. Bring it. A grill, chips, dips, buns, burgers, smores and Miller Lite in the background. We tend to keep things classy.

 9. Take a picture with the campground mascot. It should be one of the most important things on your agenda.
 10. If you plan to glamp during a holiday weekend be prepared to go all out with themed golf cart decor, parades and throwing candy to your camping patrons.

11. Glamping isn't just for the "Average Joe". Glampers come in all shapes and forms including a Houston Texans football player. I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Shane Lechler, a 10 million dollar punter for the Texans. We played washers with him and his wife as they RV'd it with us two campsites down. Hey, it's good to know celebs can glamp it up too. Can you tell how giddy I was in this picture? Lame, I know.

12. Last but not least, be prepared to make LOTS of new "glamping" friends. Everyone in this photo, minus my buddy in the white hat are brand-spanking new friends that I have already become Facebook official with. No lie, I made 20 new BFFs over the weekend. Glampers unite.

This weekend was by far one of the best. I can't stop looking at all my pictures and reliving the memories made. I cannot wait until next year. Who needs a trip to the beach, mountains or a vineyard when you have Jellystone "glamping". This was one for the books and I highly recommend that you give it a whirl.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Life Changer for My Skin

How wealthy would I be if, after all the years of pimple torture, those pesky little guys actually paid for their unwanted stay? I bet I am not the only one out there that would be sitting pretty on a pile of money. 

I have discussed my never ending battle with adult acne before. It's something I have been dealing with for way too many years. Of course I had a few break outs here and there in high school and college, but it got severe once I hit about twenty-four. Out of nowhere I started getting cystic nodules on my face. They were large and in charge and hurt like crazy. "Normal" pimples were the thing of the past. Suddenly, I was fighting monsters on my face, mostly on my chin and cheeks. I have taken every prescription known to man, except for Accutane. I have shelled out hundreds and hundreds of dollars on over the counter acne treatments and skin care products. Proactiv helped for awhile, but then I think my skin got immune to it.

I have had countless cortisone injections, yes needles straight into my face. Actually, several shots at a time in a single appointment. My self esteem would shatter when one surfaced and they're difficult to conceal with cosmetics. I felt straight up fugly. Oh, and poor Ross. He was the one that had to actually look at me without makeup and still say I was pretty. God love him and his sweet lies.

Then in February, my friend Heather called me and said she was a Rodan + Fields representative (or whatever the title is) and she had this product that she thought I should try. At first, I was like, "oh riiiiiight, another direct sale product that's going to change the world." Pssshh, I doubt it. 

But, then she brought the Umblemish kit over and told me to just try it. Nothing to loose. No harm, no foul.

I wasn't expecting a miracle, but I sure has heck hoped for one. I am a dreamer, remember?

I began using the 4-step Umblemish treatment with my Clarisonic and really didn't notice any sort of difference in the first 2-3 weeks. I was already preparing myself up for another skincare failure. I didn't skip any days and was following the directions religiously. (Note: I remove my make-up with Cetaphil cleanser before I began using the 4-step regimen. I feel this gives my skin a clean palette for the Unblemish treatments.)

Then it was like a miracle had occurred. At about the 4th week, I REALLY started noticing a difference. My face wasn't as oily, my skin was smoother, my acne scars were fading and no signs of a cystic flare up.

I am now on my second round of Unblemish. I have only had one mild breakout and two small cystic spots appear since I have started this new regimen over three months ago. That is a huge step for mankind in my book. I don't have to wear near the foundation that I used to and my confidence is back. (Note: If you feel a cystic flare up coming on, apply over the counter cortisone cream to the area twice day.)

But, if you suffer from any sort of acne, especially the cystic kind, you know it sucks. Sucks the big one. I didn't want to look anyone in the eyes, I felt horrendously gross all while emptying my wallet trying to find a cure.

Just so you know, there is NOT a "cure" for adult/cystic acne. I have read hundreds of articles on it and have done my research. But, this stuff is as close to a cure as I have witnessed.

I would NEVER post anything that I didn't fully believe in. Friends, this stuff is legit.

I am not going to lie, it's not cheap. It's $100+ for a 60 day supply, but in my opinion, it's worth every single penny. 

I took a few before and after pictures, but I just don't have the guts to put them in this post. It's too humiliating, but if you are REALLY interested in trying this product and suffer from the same acne hell that I did, I am more than willing to email you the photos. 

My friend Heather put together some information below. She is the expert on this and can tell you more about Umblemish and three other lines that Rodan + Fields has available. 

It's worth your time if you are looking for a solid way to improve your skin. 


Rodan + Fields Dermatologists is a skincare line from the same Doctors that created Proactiv.  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have set out to help people with ALL skin types. These products were the top selling clinical skin care line in Nordstrom until Rodan + Fields made the change to a direct sales business model. The products are clinically proven and truly transformative.

And the BONUS:
All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee! 

The MAIN product line-up:
Take a Look-See!


This handy dandy tool, the MACRO-E, is so popular that the beauty editors are obsessed with it. It is clinically proven to visibly improve skin texture after only one use. And in the 4-week clinical trial, 100% of the participants saw an improvement in their skin's texture and overall appearance. Pores looked smaller, lines were reduced, skin was more even. It essentially takes the place of office visits for micro-derm and literally removes 5 million dead skin cells in one use! Who doesn't want that?


   1. Affordable, clinically proven skin that works:
        Get 10% off and Free shipping with a $20 one-time fee **see give-away below
        Have the best skin in town!

   2. Make money on your terms and get paid to use fabulous skincare:  looking for coachable, bright people who either want side income to fund their naughty shoe addiction, pay their mortgage or achieve replacement income.  The sky is the limit!   (Imagine if someone approached you about something called Mary Kay back in the early 60's.) **see give-away below
        * No inventory
        * Websites and back-office all turn key...easy breezy.
        * Monthly residual income with limitless earning potential.
        * Get your piece of the $3 billion dollar anti-age industry with a reputable brand.

  3. Refer someone my way: I have a referral program.  If you know someone that could use life-changing skin products (that sounds cheesy, but it's true!) or if you know a someone looking for an extra stream of income, motivated, money driven, a giver, coachable, goal oriented they might just be perfect for this biz. 

About Heather Bern:
I live in the great city of Austin, TX, born and raised in Texas and a proud Texas Longhorn. I have a 1 and 3 year old, handsome hubby and a full time busy career.  I've always been on the look out for a great biz opportunity and honestly thought direct selling was out of my comfort zone.  R+F fell in my lap and it's the most fun job I've EVER had.  My income has doubled each month and it's literally catching up and chatting with all the people I know! I've been able to easily fit this into my full time jobs as mommy, wife and career woman! I really wish someone would have told me about this a year ago, but the great news is that R+F is just now entering their momentum phase, markets are not saturated and the products JUST WORK.  People are starving for products like this and I've had all happy customers.  Please contact me with product questions or to decide if this biz would be a good fit for you!


1. Sign up as a Preferred Customer between now and May 31st and I will pay your $20 one-time sign up fee in the form of a Visa Gift Card. Make sure to email me that you signed up via Because Shanna Said So.
2. Contact me to learn more about the business and I will send you a FREE mini-facial.


To be entered into a RAFFLE to win our amazing ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tanner ($24 value):  
1. Answer some questions about your skin on my Solution Tool and comment below what Regimen is the best fit for you. (Don't forget the last step to have your personalized recommendation emailed to you)
2. Share this post for an extra chance.

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P.S. Happy Memorial Day weekend!! Stay safe and have fun! I am taking Monday off from blogging to spend time with family and friends. See you crazy kids on Tuesday! xoxo

*Disclaimer: I received the first 60 days of this product as a gift from my friend NOT Rodan + Fields. I paid for the second supply on my own because of my belief in it. All opinions are 100% my own. This is NOT a sponsored post.