Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY Instagram Photo Wall Display

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and timeshel, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #timeshelprints

DIY Instagram photo wall display

This moment almost NEVER happens and actually documenting it on camera almost NEVER-NEVER happens. I am not sure why...maybe stage fright or the idea of failure? 

I am not the best DIYer. I love crafting and creating, but my visions typically don't go according to plan. This one though, you guys, I am so proud of it. I might've even given myself a high five or two along the way.

I don't know about you, but I am a HUGE Instagrammer and iPhone photo taker. I literally have to download my photos to my computer a few times a month to save space. The thing is, I never do anything with said photos. They end up on my computer and are usually forgotten about.

When I found out about timeshel, I was so excited...a service where I can actually print my Instagram/iPhone photos anytime I want. Because I plan to use this service again and again and again, I wanted to create a unique way to display our memories and have the flexibility to interchange photos as we print new ones.  

My girls have already played with our new photo display and have switched out pictures from the ones I originally chose to showcase. It's a fun way for them to relive our vacations, holidays and special moments throughout the year. 

timeshel app ways to print instagram photos

photo DIY craft ideas

Prints from timeshel and everything else was purchased at JoAnn's Fabric.

1. Wood Palette - $19.99 & used a 50% off coupon
2. Pom Pom Trim (3 yards)
3. Jute Rope
4. Small Clothes Pins (24 pack)
5. Live, Love, Laugh Wooden Wording
5. Small Can of Black Spray Paint
6. Glue & Staple Gun

I stapled the pom pom trim and jute rope to the back of the palette, spray painted the words and clothes pins, glued the words to the wood and voila...easy, peasy! It literally took less than 30 minutes!
do it yourself photo display craft

using clothes pins to display photos

clothes pins and pom poms for displaying pictures

can you print your instagram photos?

easy DIY for diplaying instagram pictures

If you are interested in printing your own memories and stories, you can download the timeshel app (compatible with iOs in the Apple Store) for free! There are two levels of monthly subscriptions (10 prints for $5.95 or 30 prints for $14.95).

If you are like me and delete your Instagram folder off your iPhone to save storage, when you go to upload your pictures to timeshel, NOTHING will be there! I was so disappointed at first because I thought I wouldn't be able to print any of my Instagram photos through timeshel.

I contacted them about it and they immediately responded with a quick and easy fix. Go to Instaport and download any/all of your Instagram photos to your computer. You can then email yourself the ones you want to print and save them to your phone. This may sound like a hassle, but I promise, it takes about 15 minutes max and well worth it.

Have fun printing, creating, gifting and reminiscing life's precious moments!


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