Thursday, April 18, 2013

In a Pikle? Dill with it.

No, this time I did not misspell any words in my post title. When I say, "pikle" I am speaking of the cutest online store I ever did see, In a Pikle.

Ladies, if you read any blog post today read this one. No, not because of anything spectacular I have done, but because you need to know about this company. Believe me.

My sweet friend Laura who works for In a Pikle contacted me to do a review of one of their products. Once I clicked on their website I immediately squealed out loud and kindly quickly accepted her offer. 

This is hands down the most precious product, brilliant branding, clever little name and genius idea I have ever come across.

Before we get to all the enchanting pictures and goodies, let me explain in a nutshell.

We have all been in a "pikle" before; most likely on the daily. 

Stain on my shirt from my Diet Dr. Pepper.
I got hang nail. 
Ouch, a paper cut. 
Man, I need a hair tie. 
Gross, she just sneezed and shook my hand. Sanitizer, please?
Another button popped off my shirt. Whaaaaa?
Something is in my tooth and I need a mirror and some major floss.

You know what I am talking about. We have all been there.

Well, In a Pikle is here to save your adorable heroic style.

All the stuff that gets lost at the bottom of your bag can now be rescued and tucked away into a trendy little spot. Toss it in your bag, keep it in your car or stash it in your drawer at the office.

Take a look...

I told you to trust me. The cutest thing ever, right? 

I am a HUGE supporter of women following their dreams and these two ladies responsible for this venture did just that! They followed their gut and their dreams. It began as a friendship being next door neighbors. Then a simple idea turned into something magical for our benefit.

In a Pikle is perfect for bridal party gifts, new moms, teachers, Mother's Day and well, any occasion for that special lady friend in your life.

They come in an array of styles and options. I can guarantee this is something that will catch your attention and make you want to whip out your credit card faster than pouring a glass a wine at the end of the day. 

Want better news? In a Pikle is hosting a giveaway on their blog right now. Just follow the Rafflecopter below and enter to win! 

In the meantime, use the code "shannasaidso" for a 10% discount on your first order.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy shopping and gift giving! Don't ever get yourself in a pickle without In a Pikle.



Anonymous said...

So cute and functional! And such a great story of the women behind the company!

Shauna Quintero said...

What a cute product and the name makes it even cuter!

Ashleigh said...

Such a cute idea! I would probably still forget to use it though!@

Unknown said...

ummm what a GENIUS idea!! I could definitely use this in my life seeing as though I'm always spilling things on myself and could certainly use a quick way to clean up :)

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

This is so cute and SUCH a great idea! Just entered!!

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

WOW! What a cute idea and an adorable name! I am definitely going to check out In a Pikle!

Fizz and Frosting

Mrs. H said...

This is so cute and so practical! I love it.

Andrea said...

What a great idea!! These ladies definitely know what they are doing!! Thanks for sharing!

Always Maylee said...

Oh what a cute and fun product! And I really got a kick out of your post title, like sat here giggling and thinking, oh I get it! Haha. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Helene said...

i love the name! and when i first looked at the title i did question it haha!!

pretty little things said...

I actually saw these on pinterest --actually a really great idea! xo

Makaila said...

I absolutely love this idea! I want one in my car, in my office, in my bathroom.. everywhere!

I hope you will always continue to feature the small, independently run women businesses Shanna, I think it is absolutely commendable and such a wonderful way to support, love you for it!

Unknown said...

Such a cute product! Thanks for sharing :) I need one for everywhere! Happy Thursday!


Unknown said...

Wow that is seriously so neat!


Holly said...

This is the cutest and best idea ever! How friggin' clever! And perfect for gifts! Love it :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That is really cute.

Kayla Peveler said...

I love how convenient it is!!! :)

Julann said...

I just found your blog and think you are the cutest thing ever! The vlog you did when you won the US Ambassador was so touching!

I love this bag and am ordering one for mothers day. It is so awesome!

Hannah @ Just Call Me HaHa said...

SO cute, I may have just found my SIL a gift for her first mother's day!

Unknown said...

Holy moley this is such a cute idea and I'm a sucker for cute packaging! As if I need anything else in my purse - but WOAH i love this!! The only kind of pikle I like! ;)


tara said...

how cute is that?! love!

FitTravelerAJ said...

How adorable!! What a great idea for a gift or to keep in the car.


Sandy a la Mode said...

they really do have some darling stuff!!

Sandy a la Mode

Megan, said...

that is adorable Xo Megan,

Jeans and a Teacup said...

This is really cool! I think I even had a dream about it...I'm not even joking! haha...
Jeans and a Teacup

Kelly said...

SO creative, adorable and awesome!

Unknown said...

I love my pikle so much that started to sell them .... I never leave home with out it! they are a life saver!! let me know if you need help deciding which one you want. enjoy your pikle!