Monday, December 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Poilsh Strips

I have been wanting to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips for months now. So, when I saw a buy one get one 50% ad at Walgreen's, I thought, okay, this is a sign from the beauty fairy. They also have the same sale at CVS and my sister said they are on clearance at Target right now.  Guess the stores are getting ready for the fun Spring colors.  Anyway, back to my venture...I got my in car and headed out to see what they had left.  I stopped at Walgreen's first...their selection was pretty slim, so I high tailed it to CVS and found all the ones I wanted! I was like a kid in a candy store. I ended up buying four!  Check them out!

This one is Kitty Kitty.  I know some of you may think I am too old for this pattern, but for those of you who REALLY know me...this has my name written ALL over it!  ;)

The one above is Raise Your Glass. It's a little more tame than Kitty Kitty.  It is a pretty metallic champagne color.  Great for all seasons.

This is the next one I want to try out.  It's Bling It On!  LOVE IT.  It is hot pink glitter.  Perfect for New Year's Eve.

Last, but certainly not least....Glitz Blitz.  Another fun, glitter Sally Hansen creation.

Okay, so here we go.  I was little nervous because I am a horrible finger nail polish right hand always looks like a child's paint canvas.  I was determined and giddy!  Really? A 10 day nail polish?  Heck yeah!

This is what you get in the Sally Hansen Salon Effect kit;

16 strips...I guess they included extras for newbies and "oopsies".  A file/buffer. A cuticle wood stick and strip smoother.  Very short and a little confusing instruction sheet in two languages. 



Buff down the ridges of your nails. The directions suggest using the dark pink half of the included buffer, but I find it way too rough on my nails and use my own buffing block instead. Not a requirement, but these strips are thin and extremely unforgiving to ridges, exaggerating and emphasizing every bump.

Next, wash your hands and nails. From what I’ve read, you don't need to apply a base coat here because it can reduce the longevity of the stickers.


Look through the box and select a strip that best fits the bed of your nail. Pull the tab, and peel the strip away from the backing. **MAKE SURE TO REMOVE CLEAR PLASTIC FROM THE TOP TOO!

Carefully, align and press it onto each nail, one by one, cutting away any excess, like so…                        

Smooth each sticker down a bit, and ensure that it’s securely affixed to the nail. I used my fingers and the wood stick to smooth down. 

Gently file away any excess, curling each strip under the nail. The directions say to use the light pink half of the file for this step, but I found that it just didn't do the trick.  Instead, I use the rougher half to tear at the stickers slightly, and then use the light pink side to finish the job.  Be gentle...these little guys are very thin and can rip easily.

I added an additional step to the process...I put a clear top coat over my nails to add an extra adhesive.  Sally Hansen and OPI both have great ones. I wanted to make sure these babies stayed put.  Just call it a "Because Shanna Said So" tip!

And...Abracadabra...Ala-Kazam...we are done!  I was pretty impressed about how easy it was, how fast I did it and how well they turned out.  Anyone can do this!  EASY PEASY!  And so much fun!  Now this is what I call doing "crafts"! 

Thank you, Sally Hansen.  Can't wait to see your Spring colors.  

But, don't worry OPI Nail Polish, I have not abandoned you...just making some new friends.  I have enough love to go around.  Cheers!


Kara Barry said...


So funny because I tried these this week too before I saw your post. I tried the candy cane striped look and they turned out so cute. Wish I had thought too put the clear coat on though because mine are chipping already at day 3. I definitely don't see these lasting 10 days so next time I will try your tip! I think for Mom's with small kids we may be lucky to get 7 days out of these.

Because Shanna Said So said...

The clear coat definitely helps. Also, I think the more we do them, the better we will get at it...practice makes perfect. My girls are dying for me to put them on their nails.

Unknown said...

I've been dying to try these!! Thanks for the tips love!

Because Shanna Said So said...

@fanciful you are welcome...go get you some!! ;) Super fun. Love ya!