Friday, December 30, 2011

Fashion on a Budget - Crazy for Canary

Are you ready for fashion on a budget?  Scroll down and see the outfit!  It's okay if you don't like the entire ensemble, but I hope there something in this set that you would love to add to your wardrobe.

All of the items are available in stores or online right now.  Each item is under $30.00!!!  The ENTIRE outfit, including the cosmetics, is less than $150.00!!  I am known to be quite the Bargain Queen. Here is how it all came together...

I was at Target and found this super cute ruffle top that had little canaries on it.  I am loving all the bird patterns right now...canaries, doves, owls, sparrows and feathers in general.  This top inspired me to put together an entire outfit.  I also bought the cardigan to go over the top too.   It's available at Target as well.

I already have the shoes.  I actually bought ones from Express that look exactly like the ones listed for double the price.  Then I saw these at Payless and was kicking myself. 

Every girl needs a colorful clutch, an initial necklace, bangle bracelets, dainty earrings and a bold ring.  Most of the accessories were found at Forever favorite store on Earth.  My husband, actually bought me the cute little flower headband for Christmas.

The OPI Nail Polish featured is Samoan Sand.  It is the BEST nude color I have found. The Stila Lip Glaze  in Strawberry is a great sheer gloss and red lips are "in"...don't get left behind on the style trail!

The last item is a pair of jeggings!  Yes, I said jeggings!  These are leggings that look like jeans.  They are CRAZY comfy and super stylish!

Don't be scared to mix patterns and prints.  Don't worry about being "matchy-match"...Because Shanna Said So!

Stay tuned for more affordable fashion ideas.  The bargains always seem to find me and I promise to pass them onto you.  Cheers!

Crazy for Canary

Wedge pumps
$27 -

Forever21 vintage clutch
$13 -

$6 -

Forever21 bangle bracelet
$3.36 -

Forever21 chain necklace
$2.80 -

Forever21 flower jewelry
$2.80 -

Forever21 studded belt
$5.80 -

Stila Lip Glaze
$22 -


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