Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Website. Real Lesson.

Printed Drawstring Pants Old Navy Style

Yesterday was a living nightmare for me in blog world. My URL came up for renewal and all the email reminders went to my spam folder, so I never saw them. Granted, as a site owner, I should have been monitoring it. Things have been busy and I just didn't even think to check. 

In the meantime, some "company" called Name Management Group in California purchased my blog name domain. There is NOTHING I can do to get it back, but to pay them. Waiting to see what that cost will be, but I am sure it will be more than I am willing to pay. I have the name, address, number and email of this company/person and I have contacted them.

I didn't even realize people and "companies" sat around and did this to make a "living", but they do!! They watch and wait like predators to see if people do not renew. Then they snatch up URLs and try to make a profit off people (small business owners) that want them back.

Luckily, I still own www.shannasaidso.com, and my angel from above, Lisette with High Note Designs, flew down from Heaven and fixed/updated everything for me. We were putting out fires all day long and I was crying the whole time. 

So, I now have a new URL. Which is fine because my blog is live again, but awful at the same time because of a plethora of things that are imperative for maintaining an active blog. I am also worried people won't be able to find me or think I am "gone" when they type in my old domain name because my old site shows up first on search engines and NOTHING is there now.

I cried way too much yesterday, felt defeated and violated...like someone stole my identity. I have worked so hard for over three years on this blog and feel as though I am having to start from scratch. I know it's not the end of the world and there are bigger issues going on, but right now I am so bummed and down in the dumps.

Everything happens for a reason and I am hoping there is a REALLY GOOD reason behind this mess. I just wanted to share my "story" with you guys so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Stay on top of your domain renewals or set up an auto-renew because evil vultures are lurking. Also, if you are ever in a blog pinch, Lisette is a guru and miracle worker. She literally saved my tail yesterday.

A hard and stressful lesson learned this week, but trying to stay faithful that this will all turn out for the best.

Orange & Turquoise Color Palette
Old Navy Spring Casual Outfit
Orange & Turquoise Outfit Idea
Orange SheInside Bat Wing Top
Beaded Tassel necklace
old navy twill drawstring pants

I really wanted to talk more about this outfit and the wonderful Mother's Day weekend that we had with family, but honestly, I can't really focus at the moment. Just know these Old Navy twill drawstring pants are crazy comfy; almost like pajama pants and they come in several colors and prints.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I feel like I have been hosting way too many pity parties lately. It's just a season...we all go through them, right?

P.S. My dad is going in for more testing/surgery today. It's been over two weeks since his hospital stay. Continued prayers would mean the world to me and our family. xoxo


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