Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Retro Reminders

Chicwish Floral Dress

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The last couple of days have been stressful (see yesterday's post). When things get tough and life hands you a few dozen wear retro roses on your dress, right? Not always, but in this case I did. This floral dress from Chicwish brightened my day. In a weird sort of way, it helped me escape from stress and have a little girly fun for a few hours. Much needed, let me tell you.

I stepped away from the computer last night, took a break from doing damage control and sat on my tile floor in the hallway. I opened our storage closet, pulled out my GINORMOUS box of pictures and looked through every single one. Some were from elementary school, family vacations, prom, drill team and early college days. 

Visual memories of good times, ones that took me back and reminded me, once again, what's most important, my friends and family, was exactly what I needed.

As much as I love coming here every week, chatting it up, sharing my style and pieces of my life, I know that all of the stress that comes with having this blog will be something that I will laugh and smile about one day...another memory and chapter in life.

For the last several years, when I freak out or things don't go my way, I ask myself this question, "Will this situation really matter five years from now?". If not, then I try and move on to greener pastures and focus on things that WILL matter in five years.

Sometimes all it takes is thumbing through pieces of Kodak paper to help you realize that everything is going to be OKAY and that life is full of both lemons and roses...even if they are on your dress.

Retro Vintage Floral Dress Full Floral Retro DressChicwish Full Floral Sleeveless Dress
Rose Print Dress
Retro Rose Dress from Chicwish
Vintage Rose Print Dress
Chicwish Rose Dress
Chicwish Floral Dress c/o // Red Ankle Strap Heels (option here and here) // Braided Red Belt (option) // Green Clutch (option) // White Rim Sunglasses (option here and here) // Pearl Collar Necklace // Cross Ring (option)


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