Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello Again

Hiiiiii! I have been kinda MIA the last few days. It wasn't my plan, but felt good to take a mini break from blogland and social media. It can get so overwhelming sometimes and stepping away to enjoy a beautiful weekend with friends and family was the best choice for me. Not having a phone glued to my hand and letting go of the urge to post something was sweet release.

I love what I do....blogging, sharing, posting, outfit creating, engaging, lurking, reading and writing has become a huge part of my life over the last three years. Sometimes I am thankful for it and sometimes I wonder what in the heck I was thinking. 

Everything has changed so much and the ante for becoming a successful blogger has doubled. There is so much lives...flawless skin...etc.

When did real life stop being interesting?

To be honest, I am kind of over it. I am not going to judge because I am just as guilty. It just KILLS me to see so much redundancy amongst so many fellow blog friends. When did we stop thinking for ourselves and lose sight of being authentic? 

Have you seen Instagram lately? Yeah, that's why I took a break. Same exact dress...20 bloggers. Same shame tuck. Same bag. Same hair. Same latte. Same. Same. Same.

Maybe it's because blogging is more about making money these days.

Do I blame bloggers? No. Again, I am guilty too, but I wonder if people follow me as a person or for my outfits.

At the end of the day, I genuinely want you guys to get to know me and not the clothes I wear or the styles I post. I am NOT a model, someone famous, trying to be famous or a fashion know-all. I am Shanna. Shanna that is a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend who started blogging on a whim.

I am NORMAL. Whatever that means., but normalcy these days doesn't seem to sell and is not enticing.

What saddens me most is so many women feel the need to use apps to slim their bodies and then claim they are being real to their insecurities and imperfections. Own up, ladies. We are all beautifully made and have unique and genuine stories to share...why feel the need to be robots?

Call me bitter, jealous or envious of their tricks, but that is not it at all. I just enjoy visiting sincere spaces for inspiration and luckily, there are still several ladies out there.

I understand that we want to share picture perfect moments and settings (guilty), but sometimes the not-so-great times and journeys turn out to be the best ones. I know that I've learned so much from my not-so-shining moments. It's okay to share them sometime. You never know who you will connect with or inspire.

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