Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pom Pom Palms

Tropical pineappple pom pom shorts

So, I told you guys yesterday that you were going to be seeing a few more posts with these metallic sandals and beach tote. I pinky promise, cross my heart that these are two items you NEED to add to your purchase list for the upcoming spring/summer months and/or if a sunny vacation is headed your way. Both came through for me every single day and held up like champs. Worth every cent!

I really wish these pom pom shorts weren't close to being sold out because I would recommend wearing them every single day when it warms up. The elastic waistband sealed the deal...much better than side zippers if you ask me. I am hoping ASOS will restock them, but in the meantime, I found a few other pairs listed below the last outfit photo that I love just as much!

Beach vacation outfit idea

Pom Pom Beach Tote

Orange Beaded Tassel Necklace

Pom Pom Shorts and Graphic Tee - Casual Beach Style

What should I pack for a beach vacation

Saturday morning we woke and none of us were moving nearly as fast as the day before. Ha! We managed to hit the road in our glamorous rented mini-van by 10:30 AM (only 30 minutes later than planned which is REALLY good for our crew) and headed into town. We spent the late morning and early afternoon having a serious meeting at The Office. If you ever go to Cabo this is a there are a few other really fun beach side restaurants along the shore. 

We did all our shopping while sipping mango margs and inhaling ceviche, guacamole, salsa and chips. All the locals come straight to you with gobs and gobs AND gobs of souvenirs and Mexico treasures. I don't think I have said "No, Gracias" more in my life. If you've ever been, you know what I am talking about. 

It was super relaxing with gorgeous views of the ocean, the ability to slide off our shoes and kick back on the sand. If you are feeling super adventurous, they have beer bucket bat races, snorkeling trips, banana boat rides and parasail excursions.

We packed up and headed back to the resort for our grand finale sunset cruise and unexpected whale watching tour. More on that Friday. You guys are going to DIE when you see the whales and how close we were. 

BTW, February is prime whale watching season in Cabo...we saw them every single day jumping out of the water from the shore. It was truly magical. 


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