Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Find Your Perfect Fit at Kohl's

I have never been one to get excited about undergarment shopping. I would rather spend my money on something that can be seen on the outside whether it be clothes, shoes, a bag or piece of jewelry. I also get extremely overwhelmed when I browse the intimates department of  a store. There are so many styles and designs to choose from and I don't even know where to begin. 

I have never taken the time have a custom fitting done either. I have, for the most part, had the same measurements since I was in high school besides the whole gravity thing. Age and having children will do that to you. Not glamorous or sexy in the slightest, but two of life's truths.

What peaked my interest was Kohl's new bra fitting calculator that helps us find our perfect bra and fitting in the comfort of our own home. I grabbed a measuring tape, took the required measurements and enter them into the spaces provided. I was shocked. You guys, I have actually been wearing the wrong size for all these years. I fall into the 80% group of women that are wearing the wrong bra size. Are you one of them too? Enter your measurements here and find out.
After realizing that I needed a few new bras that actually fit, I headed to Kohl's and felt more at ease this time when shopping. I had the chance to browse their online selection and preview the brands and styles that would work best for me. 

I am all about comfort, support and not showing any lines through my clothes. I don't gravitate towards prints and patterns. Give me the basics and I am set. 

I came home with four new bras that are super soft, functional with seamless wiring and stitching. I must say, I feel like a new woman. 

I put little hearts around the ones I got and linked to the exact ones I purchased below. 

Thank you Kohl's for helping me find my perfect fit and discovering what my true size is.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kohl's. While I was compensated by Kohl's with pieces to purchase and information to review, all opinions are 100% my own.



Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

I've never been measured. I need to do that. Knowing me, I'm probably WAY off! :)

Charming Lucy said...

I need to try that convertible one. I am having trouble finding bras that dont show through my spring tops! So thanks for the tips! I also tried three colors in the Cover Girl eye cream - love it!! I am an addict now!! What did I ever do before your blog?:) Susan

Becky M said...

Such an informative post - I'm the same way. Victoria's Secret has such cute stuff but no way am I shelling out $50. That can go to my kate spade fund instead :)


Ashley said...

Oooh goodness! The last time I was measured/fitted for a bra, I was nursing a toddler, while 6 months pregnant with my second! Guess I'm about due!

Setarra said...

Oh lord and buddha, I still have yet to get properly fitted for a bra so I'm probably one of those 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size too lol. I love how Kohls simplified how I can measure myself. Looks easy enough. I guess I'll be adding "measuring tape" to my grocery list :)

Helene in Between said...

bras are so important, otherwise i feel so uncomfortable. i like how they tell you exactly what you need to do! i need to check this out!

TheTinyHeart said...

Oh I am the same way, I'd rather spend my money on clothes than underwear! I should do the calculator..I'm probably wearing the wrong size too.

The Tiny Heart

Rebecca said...

I really need this one...thanks Shanna!


Unknown said...

I had this done at a store a while ago and it is true that most of us don't really know our true bra size. Just like you said especially for us moms, after kids, it is a whole different story ( and not a very glam one :) Had no idea Kohls had this online service; thx for introducing! I need to check it out to make sure I am still buying the right size.
XOXO, Elif @ theboxqueen

Shon said...

Thanks for the tips, however I wish Kohl's like Belk had in store fittings. I always second guess my measuring, LOL

Happy Easter!!

Unknown said...

Good information!


Unknown said...

I need new bras and I keep putting this off. I really need to do it. Thanks for the push!


My New Happy said...

This was so informative...thank you! I had no idea Kohl's had this, and I'm sure I wear the wrong bra size. Shared it on my Google+ page.