Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Sponsor Group Giveaway

You are probably thinking, oh great, ANOTHER group giveaway in blog land. 

Yes, I have said the same thing a few times, but I promise, you WILL want to get to know some if not ALL of these ladies below.

There are certain blogs we all like to read and follow...fashion, faith, DIY, fitness, health, parenting or just plain funny ones. 

Well, folks, there is something for everyone today. This group of ladies is so diverse, I just know you are about to meet your new best friend.

Enter to your heart's content with the Rafflecopter below, but please promise me one thing. Promise me that you will read the little bios below and if you see one that is a perfect match with you, take a few minutes to stop over and say hi. 

It's a great way to make new friends and network within the blogging community. All of these women work extremely hard on their blogs. Don't you love it when someone new visits you and let's you know what a great job you are doing? Yeah, I thought so.

So, have fun meeting some new faces and friends.

And good luck!

Sandra is not only a blogger, but an amazing jewelry designer. 
Her one of a kind pieces will blow your mind and her heart is made of gold. 

Kelly is that girl that is friends with everyone and will do absolutely anything for you. 
She is true to the core and is the brains behind The Messy Project. 
She isn't afraid to take risks and stand behind them. I truly admire her for that.

Leeann has become a great blog friend. 
Her mix of fashion and life draw me in with every post. 
I feel like I have known her forever and hope to meet in real life one day.

Rebecca is my fashion momma side kick. 
She started a styling business as well and we love to bounce ideas off of each other. 
Girl, has some serious fashion skills.

Kim is another jewelry making guru. I actually have one of her designs and wear it all of the time. 
It seems like this lady has lived all over the place, including Alaska! 
I look up to her honesty and business ambitions.

Setarra, pronounced Star-A, is living life to it's fullest in the NYC area. 
I love her fashion risks, that her passion for dance runs deep and that she appreciates a good burger!

Rachel reminds me of the girl next door, sweet, beautiful and full of personality. Girl has attended more weddings than anyone I know. And weigh loss journey will inspire you and want to give her standing ovation.

Hollie is a bag of tricks (in a non-dirty way). She can write about anything and everything and still make it fun and interesting. I mean, she shops, cooks, does DIY hair tutorials and loves to blog lurk!

My little Texas lovey. I have recently gotten know know Jessica and she is one of the sweetest and most genuine bloggers I have come across. She is another shopper that's trying not to burn a meal. A girl after my own heart.

Kristine, oh Kristine, you make me want to get off my booty to do a few squats and calf raises. This lady has some KILLER legs. She also motivates me to steer clear of Taco Bell. And did I mention her style is one to replicate and an spirit that's infectious.

Erin is one of those bloggers who offers a little bit of everything, fashion, recipes, being a mom, pregnancy, health and fitness. I am telling you, she can offer you a piece of it all and will have a glass of wine with you while doing so. Cheers!

Nicole seriously finds the cutest stuff and then share it with all of us. 
She reticently start doing outfit posts, which made me all kinds of excited. 
She is another one that is as sweet as a Georgia peach.

I have been friends with this crazy girl since I started blogging. I can't say enough about Tara. She is quirky, has such fun taste in style and loves a good sale. She is probably one of the MOST loyal bloggers out there. And she makes me laugh with her crazy stories.

Nicole just got engaged!!! Everyone go tell her congrats right now! She is pretty much a smarty pants...she is working on her PhD but still finds time to blog about her fun adventures. And like me, she gravitates toward the finer things in life...but all on a budget, of course!

Natalie will keep you laughing, that's for sure. Her blog is a mixture of her life and thoughts...funny and serious. She is from Texas, y'all...that means you MUST love her. And she hates oysters just like me...we were meant to be friends!

Kayla's passions: reading, writing and cooking. I need to take some lessons from this girl.
Her posts will make you think and feel like you have been BFFs forever. Just like the name of her blog, she is Simple Bliss.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My heart just melted. You are the sweetest and you just made my week with your sweet words! I am so honored to be among a great group of women. I can't wait to get to know them better :)

My-cliffnotes said...

I do want it! Cuz you're fab!

Anonymous said...

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Amy Shaughnessy said...

Going to check some out now! Thanks! Don't forget to check my blog today ;)


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Helene said...

yay for group giveaways!!

Melanie Van Wynsberg said...

This is great! What about the Feb. giveaway? Was a winner ever selected? How do you announce your winners?

Thanks! :)

Setarra said...

Woot Woot! If I could, I would enter this giveaway myself :)

P.S. I just realized that I kinda look naked in my pic haha! Oh well ;)

Rach said...

What a great giveaway!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Looksike a load of goodies

Anonymous said...

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Kiki said...

Such a great giveaway!! I am having one one my blog ALSO HOPEFULLY YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT!

Erin Redmond said...

This came out so cute! thanks so much for doing this!


Anonymous said...

Such a awesome giveaway. Thanks for hosting :)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Smiling ear to ear!! Love reading your words and getting to know the girls sponsoring you this month :) Your da' best!

Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style said...

Nice giveaway! I would go for the Modern Clutch Purse in the Greek Key Grey color! :)