Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer {Slash} Fall

We all know that the temps are still scorching-freaking-hot. Summer doesn't officially end for a few more weeks, but for some strange reason we are all dying to sport our fall wardrobes. Not gonna lie, I am not a fan of fall, but love me some riding boots, leggings and scarves. But, like I already said, it's H-O-T, like over 100 degrees hot here in Texas, like sweat running down my back and other places I don't feel it appropriate to mention. You get the drift. It's nowhere near riding boot season.

Soooooo, I am trying to incorporate some fall-ish colors into my wardrobe while avoiding the sweaty mess.

I wore this on Labor Day. Unfortunately, all I have for you is this Instagram picture that I took of myself. You know, the one we all take when we want to post a #OOTD day picture. Some of us stretch our arms to the farthest possible length and others stand in front of the mirror with smarty phones. Anyway, point being, I really liked this outfit. It was comfortable, sort of fall-ish and didn't make me sweat in "certain" areas. I really wish I had a full outfit post, but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

If you like what you see in the picture above, then take a peek at the style board I made just for you. Feel free to duplicate or pick and choose whatever tickles your fancy.

Fall Forecast Summer Sizzle

How hot is it in your neck of the woods? 
We are actually getting a "cold" front this weekend in Austin. 
It's supposed to get down to 61 degrees on Sunday night! 
Time to break out the riding boots? I just might!

Happy weekend and happy shopping!

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Stesha said...

you are rocking that! For me in Canada it IS getting to be fall. high of mid 60's! yessss, unfortunately I know once I head back to AZ in 2 weeks it will still be 100+ Love you miss, hope you dont sweat too much!

xxClassic & Bubbly

Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

such a cute outfit lovey! & yes it is hot here too, so not time to rock the leggings and riding boots just yet! & try not to sweat!


Terri said...

All I want is to wear my boots and some leggings and not DIE of heat exhaustion. Is that too much? Yes.. apparently in NC it is. (Can not WAIT to move to San Jose because of that, however!)

Life, Liberty and Wine

Unknown said...

Lots of cute stuff going on there! I cosign on your it's still hot outside reality check, I'm in Arizona so I've got at least a month if not more of super sun!
(\ /)
( . .)

Chris said...

I could not imagine being in fall but having summer temperatures. I'd be so sad and I couldn't wear fall attire because I'd sweat like a banchee!

Anyways... love the cargo vest. I have the green and I'm wishing I have that khaki color.

Love your DIY necklace. I'm too lazy to DIY so I'd just buy.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Danavee said...

Love gingham!!!!! Is it lame to have four gingham shirts?

Ashley said...

Wait. You don't like Fall?? What?

Love this outfit!

PS...Did you get your earrings in the mail?

Katie said...

still hot!! today it's supposed to be cooler. I am beyond ready for fall. I need a gingham shirt - love yours!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Loved that outfit and your style board. I'm sure it took a while to put that board together but it is SO great for us :) I just might purchase those adorable sandals!!

Heather said...

I love that yellowed check top! And the leopard belt is just perfect :) I agree - too hot for fall!


Sheena Rae said...

I think our weather is pretty similar because we are also getting a cold front here in AR! WOOHOO! Much needed because yesterday was over 100!

Unknown said...

Flannel!!! So cute! Visiting from Friday Fancies.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

It is fah-reaking hot in Omaha still. I cannot wait for fall. Yesterday it was 93° and the day before that it was 101°. That is not appropriate September weather.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I want to see you rockin shorts in December while we are all up here covered with 3 layers and a parka. But I love it myself. I love fall and winter. I am a winter born chick no wonder I tolerate it. I was born frozen. Love you!

jeands said...

loving the looks especially the gingham shirt.

happy weekend, can't wait to read your weekend shenanigans come Monday. :)

TheTinyHeart said...

LOVE the gingham with the leopard accessories! It's supposed to be 85 today, so definitely no fall outfits yet. I'm totally fine with it being warm for a while because soon I'll be bundled up for months, ugh. Have a great weekend, Shanna!

The Tiny Heart
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Rach said...

It has still been in the 98-100's here too. A cold front is supposed to come in for us too this weekend and we will be looking at 80s! :)

EverythingPrettyGirls said...

Love this Fall inspired look - definitely perfect for a hot beginning of September. It’s still in the 80s here in NYC, so I’m trying to wear my sundresses these last few weeks ... I can’t let go of ‘em :(


Jamie said...

Very cute outfit! Those colors work really well for transitioning into fall!

Always Maylee said...

Love the yellows and oranges! It's still been in the 80s here in the northeast, so I'm still rockin the summer clothes!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Tashia said...

It's been in the low 80s and humid in New England so I'm doing the same thing- fall trends, but in summer cuts/ fabrics. Leopard, cobalt, red, mustard all made an appearance this week, but definitely no boots or sweaters. Have a great weekend!

JMc said...

LOVE it! It's way too hot here for some fall clothes too, but I love how you have used some of the fall leaf colors in this outfit. It is supposed to be 106 today so I am not ready to look at boots and sweaters! lol

Courtney said...

A cold front sounds so refreshing. No clue what our weather's going to be--you looks adorbs as always, and thankfully I have all of the pieces you are wearing, so I don't have to spend any extra money, woohoo! happy weekend:)

Jordan said...

As a fellow Texan, I share your sentiment with fall. We don't get one, really. If we do, it's maybe the five days right before it gets freakishly cold for twelve minutes. Then it's suddenly hot again. Still, I love me some boots and can't wait to bust them out.

In freaking November.

Unknown said...

love that look on you! Such a cute shirt :) a cold front??! crazy! It's like 90 or so in Miami I believe.. pretty hot! I do not like to sweat either, especially in weird places! Not fun!!!

Have a great weekend love! xoxo

Scribble-N-Dash said...

Love your outfit! So perfect for this in-between time {& to satisfy the fall clothing itch!}

Around here it's been super humid, like can't breathe when you walk outside humid *ick* We are supposed to get a "cold" front too, the seventies this weekend woot! lol

Have a great weekend :)

<3 Melissa

Cathy said...

Being your Texas sister, your heat and sweat comments have me laughing hysterically because I absolutely relate! Love this color combo that you put together...fall transition perfection :)

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Hi Shanna, thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog, it's so nice to meet you! We've barely seen the sun in the UK this summer - just rain - so I'm so envious of your heat. We get the odd gorgeous day here and then we moan it's too hot, haha ;)

I love this outfit, I know it's only a snap but I can see it's darn cute! Love yellow and red together, and the leopard is the perfect touch.

Am following you now on GFC and will hook up with you on twitter and the rest asap! Do come back again to say hi!

Catherine x

Simone Howell said...

Girl it is still 8000 degrees here too! We had one teaser day this week where it was 75 and rainy! I LOVED it! Soon....soon, we shall really have fall! Love the outfit! Gorgeous as always! xo

Caitlin C. said...

You are so right - even though the temps are high lately everyone is going crazy over fall. I lOVE this look you've put together!!!

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how excited I am for this "cold front"... supposed to be in the mid 80's tomorrow for our first football game of the season - YES PLEASE!!!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice here too. Our weather is usually not that different. I don't know what's up with the sudden heat wave we've been having! Sheesh!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Chioma said...

cute look Shanna! we have similar weather and I've been rockin similar look! have a great weekend :)

C’s Evolution of Style

FitTravelerAJ said...

You know I'm dying for riding boots, leggings, scarves, and sweaters! Fall is my favorite!! :-)


Allison @ In the Queen City said...

Love this! In fact, I'm wearing my red/ orange jeans and a leopard belt right now! Have a great weekend!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love how you're not afraid to mix and match colors and prints. That's exactly why you always look fab!

Mimi said...

it was gloomy for one day this week, but now the heat is back... this outfit is really perfect, i love it! i would definitely wear this. :D happy weekend! :D

<3, Mimi
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Cassandra Too said...

I like the color combination! It's making me happppy! I think I had a great week. :D

See you there! :D

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xoxo backtofive

Jenny said...

It's not terribly hot in NY but with the humidity some days can still be felt as summer so, I'm not feeling the need to wear riding boots and sweaters yet... I like wearing light summer scarves during this transition time, but now I'm totally sold with your idea of incorporating fall colors to our wardrobe this time of the year! I especially like your combination of orange and yellow with brown accents! Looking lovely, Shanna!


Anonymous said...

We're supposed to get a cold front in TN. I hope so!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Really cute outfit and color combo! Love the leopard too :-) It's still hot here in CA too. But it does cool down at night and last night I wore my boots! So excited for fall!

Ashley said...

You took such a cute instagram picture, I really like the filter you used! and I love the collection you put together with the orange and yellow :)

Amber said...

I love this outfit!! SO bright and makes me think of starbursts:)

still being [molly] said...

it's still hot as all getout here in north carolina - but it is cooling down in the evenings thank GOD!

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Very cute outfit, love gingham!!