Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweet and Stylish Laura

This is my LAST day of "glamping"! I will be back on Monday! I have missed everyone so much! 

Ladies, if you don't already know Laura, you are going to LOVE her! She is not only one of the sweetest bloggers I know, she has some killer fashion skills. Her blog is fresh, fun, witty and full of inspiration. Let's all give her a warm welcome!

Hello you wonderful readers of Because Shanna Said So!
I know you were probably coming here today to see Shanna's usual perfect Friday outfit post, but instead I'm here. Bear with me folks. I'm Laura from Beauty & the Beard, and if you visit my blog you'll see a little bit of everything; some recipes, some DIY projects, and some major sarcasm. I wish I could do a clean "I'm from __________ and I now live __________ " but in the moment my boyfriend Michael and I have no home. No, no, no, this isn't some crazy Oprah sob story- we are just in a month-long process of moving. Yes, you read that right, month-long process. In the past 9 months we've been between Minnesota, Wisconsin and Virginia! If you're reading this on the 6th, we're currently in Maine...but make sure you check out my blog to see why we are bouncing around! 

Okay, okay, moving on. So, one thing I love about Shanna (besides her hilarious pictures of her daughters and her creative wit) is how real her outfit posts are. She actually wears clothes everyone can afford and isn't ashamed to share a price tag of something. It's refreshing to see a fashion blogger that is stylish and sweet, isn't it? One love we share is Forever 21. No, don't shake your head and say you're too good for F21. If you go wasting $50 on a necklace that's only good for one trendy season, then you're the silly one in this equation! I have an obsession for necklaces (as seen by my DIY jewelry tree, as well as on Instagram) and I get a good amount of them from Shanna's go to spot, F21! Below are a few of my favorites that fulfill current trends:

1. Rhinestone Bib: $14.80.   //    2. Summer Coral : $10.80
3. Bold Gold Collar: $5.80   //     4. Layered Stones: $6.80
5. Pretty Pastels: $6.80    //     6. Layered Chains: $7.80
7. Tribal Turquoise: $8.80

Pretty sure that if you skip buying your Starbucks latte for 2 days you could buy any one of these pretties! Three of the ones I've been wearing this summer include:
F21 usually sells out and then brings styles back online, so if you can't find them check your local store! 

So, have Shanna and I convinced you to jump on the F21 bandwagon? 

Thanks for letting me blog crash Shanna!

Don't forget to sign up for the Bauble Swap. It's a great way to meet new friends and get a bauble to add to your collection. Deadline is July 15th.

Click on the button below for more information. A few ladies have already linked up their post and shared what they got from their partner!

Bauble Swap


still being [molly] said...

love those necklaces!! and i love F21, so don't worry, laura! i'm right there with you!

still being [molly]

Katie said...

love those necklaces!! and love that they are so cheap!! will check out her blog!

Danavee said...

I just bought #4 the other day! I feel cool now!

Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

Love Laura!!! :) & love these amazing bauble finds! Happy weekend!!


Andrea said...

Love all of these fabulous choices! Laura has great taste in F21 jewelry :)

Anonymous said...

I love Laura & F21 - so I'm definitely liking this post! These necklaces are so affordable and totally adorable. Hey, did that rhyme? I'm a poet and didn't even know it! They are totally in style and look like they'd be from BaubleBar or something! Lovely all around! Happy weekend, Shanna!

birdie to be said...

Love these necklaces! That gray one is my fav!

Laura said...

thanks for having me you lovely lady!!!!

Scribble-N-Dash said...

I am a complete F21 addict, I order stuff constantly online and am always in the store as well... There is nothing better than saving money and getting amazing clothes at the same time! Love this post! Happy Friday :)

<3 Melissa

Head to Toe Chic said...

Now you have me wanting to buy some more necklaces Laura (although we know I don't need anymore). Loving your picks and their prices! #1 is definitely my fav :)


meghan said...

I love the tribal turquoise one! I've had it in my online cart for a little bit. I just need to find $40 more so I can get free shipping.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Laura! Those necklaces are beautiful!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Well said! I totally agree about F21. In fact, as much as I love BaubleBar I still haven't made a purchase...but that's bc I'm cheap lol ;)

I love all of these necklaces! I actually almost bought the one you're wearing in the first pic. Maybe I should! And the one in the last pic you're wearing is AMAZING!

Eva said...

Great necklaces! I really like them all. Great guest post!

xx Eva

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

wow this is amazing! photos are pretty good :)

visit/follow? :)

Franziska said...

I have #4, but am stopping by F21 tomorrow because I really want #2 (like you said!). They really do have the best {inexpensive} jewels. Thanks for following - I'm following you via bloglovin now :)