Starting this blog in late 2011 gave me the opportunity to showcase my passion to the world and inspire women of all ages.

Now, I am making my ultimate dream come to life. I not only want to offer styling suggestions on my blog, but in real life as well.

My goal is to offer a hands on experience to women all over the country. No matter their age. No matter their size. No matter their personal style preference.

As women, we all want to feel comfortable in our own skin, but we also have the desire to feel equally comfortable in what we wear.

That's where I come in. I am here to chat, shop, organize and even put outfits together with what you already own. And guess what? We are going to have an amazing time doing it. Together. 

To schedule a consultation or if you have any questions, please email me at shannasaidso@gmail.com.

* All packages come with a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation. 


Unknown said...

This is so awesome Shanna! I wish you the best in this new journey of yours, so exciting and fun!! I can totally see this being your niche and something you are totally naturally great at! You are going to do awesome! Happy for you :) !!

Tracy Herceg said...

Love this idea Shanna!!! I'm going to have to hire you in the next couple of months. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Unknown said...

congrats on taking the leap! i am so excited to see where this takes you :)

Mellissa "Shia" Rondinelli said...

Great idea!! Good luck! I might be contacting you about helping be work out some pieces from my closet!


Angie said...

So exciting, Shanna! You will be great. Best of luck, my friend!

Andrea said...

I am so excited for you friend! You are going to do great!

Coco said...

Since I was lucky enough to be Shanna's first client as a personal stylist, I thought I would share my experience with all of you!

Not only can I say that I am SO happy with the result, I had fun doing it at the same time! One of the things I love about Shanna is how laid-back she is and she totally put my nerves to rest! I seriously thought that we would be able to put SOME oufits together, but mostly thought I will be needing to make a list of things I need to buy. (THAT is how bad I felt about my wardrobe!) But ladies, let me tell you, when she got to putting those outfits together, she was on fire! And when Shanna says she could have gone all night, she means it! She was putting things together that I would NEVER have thought of! Not only did I end up with over 40 new outfits that are adorable, I didn't have to go out and buy anything! (Though I did get some great tips!)

This may sound a little corny but the best part was how much more confident I felt after the whole process! Shanna showed me I DO have cute things in my closet and I can be a little more daring! Mixing and matching does not have to be so hard! When I went to work this morning, you bet I was wearing one of my "new" outfits and the confidence I felt was amazing!

I can't wait for summertime! I have a feeling I am going to want to have a visit from my personal stylist again!

Thank YOU, Shanna!

Priscilla - The Wheelchair Mommy said...

I don't personally need this but squuuuuuuuuuue..... I had not idea you were in Austin , too!!!! :)

Stesha said...

I am so so proud of you, I could just scream!! Seriously, in love with what you are doing. You are truly an inspiration! love you!


Jan Beaty said...

Hi Shanna, I am in Austin most weekends but during the week in Houston. And, that is where my closet is.....do you ever come to Houston?

Unknown said...

Hi Shanna, I love this initiative! I know that I own so many great peices but I never know quite how to piece them together to make a complete outfit. I could definitely learn a thing or two from you and this blog. I look forward to coming back!