Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Schedule

red black and white summer outfit ideas

We are well into our third week of Summer Break and not to jinx myself, but things have been pretty streamlined. The first week was full of nothing, just embracing freedom. Last week was a morning camp, hitting the gym again and lazy rainy afternoons. This week, well, Landry is in volleyball camp in the morning and Logan in the afternoon. We have an hour in between camps, so fast food lunch breaks will be our story until Friday.

The best part, the girls joined a last minute FREE VBS which means Mom and Dad have a few hours alone for dinner. More eating out. This is why I hit the gym again last week. Last night we headed out for sushi and actually got to have a lengthy conversation about our day and catch up on husband and wife stuff. 

Besides hearing the words, "Moooooooom, Come here!" at least five times while writing this post and my house being destroyed with Shrinky Dink crafts, makeshift Barbie swimming pools, cement powder "accidentally" dropped across the kitchen floor for another "said" craft and filthy dogs coming in every night from playing in the mud filled back yard (thank you, rainy summer) life without a school schedule hasn't been all that bad. 

Just trying to embrace the chaotic moments while they last because one day I will long for them to return. 

Still surprised that Ross and I are making blog pictures happen and that I am actually getting dressed for the day, even though it's not until 5:00 PM for an hour dinner. Hey, you take what you can get.

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