Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring Forward

Today is not my normal Wednesday post. I don't think I have ever NOT shared an outfit with you guys during the middle of the week, but I have a legitimate reason. Monday night was spent emptying our closets, stashing (throwing) everything on our floors, in the game room and guest bedroom. We had to completely clear out EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! All day Tuesday, we had our closets revamped with The Container Store's elfa shelving system. I've wanted to do this FOREVER and finally made it happen. But, in the process all my (our) clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are scattered across Tim-Buck-Two. Thus, there was no rhyme or reason on getting dressed the past two days.

So, I present to you a few (several) recent purchases. Some of them you have already seen and all of them will be getting packed in my suitcase for our vacation in two weeks. I took it easy during January, but this month, I must admit, I went a wee bit overboard with shopping. Why is it when you spend "X" number of dollars on a vacation you, in turn, think you NEED to spend "X" amount on clothes for said trip. Maybe it's just me or a simple case of spring fever.

Let me just say that Old Navy is KILLING it right now with their new spring collection....pastels, floral, stripes and super fun denim. I literally had to hold myself back. I ended up ordering this blush tote and floral slip-on sneakers. How cute will they be with this pom-pom dress? I.cannot.wait!

Of course I can't go on a vacation without swinging by Forever 21 first. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this tribal pom-pom necklace. I just hope that it is as cute in person as it it online. I wanted this off-the-should top in mauve, but it sold out super fast, so I went ahead and grabbed the yellow one. I am picturing it with turquoise jewelry or pairing it with the pom-pom necklace. We will see.

I've been eyeing this tote for months. It was a little bit of a splurge, but I have a feeling it will get plenty of use this spring & the lake, pool, beach and on other trips. I may have a thing for pom-poms. 

A few items you may have already seen are these heart sunglasses, this dress that I wore as a top and espadrilles that I purchased in two colors...I am actually wearing the black ones as I type. LOVE THEM!!

Oh, I almost forgot about one of my favorite finds...I was looking for swimsuits at Target for my girls for Valentine's Day gifts and came across this colorful swimsuit cover-up. I ended up snagging it for myself in a XL. Once again....pom-pom obsession.

One last thing...the MOST important is our Sparkle Monkey's 7th birthday. She is the light of our lives, a Texas tornado, spunky like no other, the most creative little human being I've ever known and will one day do GREAT and GINORMOUS things. We love you, Landry Lou...keep dancing, singing and marching to the beat of your own drum.

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